“We are all heroes – no matter who we love, who we are or what we believe in we are all heroes”

Quoting the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest WinnerMåns Zelmerlöw
Now this quote – how ever non-tech related it may seem shows Europe is unfortunately continuing to polarize.

On the techier side of this – his performance had a range of visual arts completing the performance beautifully.

– ACAST announced a USD 5 M raise from Bonnier Growth Media
– Tinitell privately announced a USD 2 M funding (on our list in December)
Now more importantly, a couple of trends I find clear lately are the extensions of Michael Porter’s description of the Value Chain. A couple of companies extending the value chain are: swap.com, sellpy.com, Uber.com, Lyft.com, airbnb.com, letote.com. Instead of labelling these companies (or at least Lyft, airbnb and Uber) as shared economies. I’d like to label them as 2nd value companies. Using idle resources to optimize their value both extending the value chains margin and reducing the cost per product in the original value chain. Something worth considering for production companies. I find it interesting how for instance Daimler have figured this out and started their carpool service car2go.com.
This will require some more thought process – maybe a proper article. Something will be produced for the extended value chain anyways – that’s for sure.

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