Week 24/2516


The past two weeks have held several interesting notes. Where perhaps the most noteworthy is Microsoft’s bid on LinkedIN at USD 26.2 BN. The largest acquisition for Microsoft ever – ever. WSJ
Not the only noteworthy acquisitions during the period making it interesting that conglomerates now seem to feel acquisitions are better valued now than investments in VCs.
– All you need to know from Apple’s WWDC 2016 (developers conference) TechCrunch
– What most people found most interesting from Apple’s WWDC 2016 – they announced messaging is their core focus TechCrunch
– New updates on the new iOS SvD
– Didi Chuxing (Chinese Uber rival) raised USD 605 M in equity and USD 7 BN in debt DiDigitalWSJ
– Snapchat moves closer to IPO and adds APIs for ad services TechCrunch
– Microsoft’s comments on why they acquire LinkedIN WSJ
– Messaging service Kik suggests new metrics for messaging services, active users instead of MAUs TechCrunch
– Hello starts selling internationally TechCrunch
– The Amazon founder’s spaceship program completed its fourth launch and return of Blue Origin Instagram
– Funding sings point to a contraction but no burst of a bubble in the VC space TechCrunch
– Playstation VR arrives October 13th and will be priced at USD 399 a piece TechCrunch
– Twitter funds Soundcloud with USD 70 M at a USD 700 M valuation TechCrunch
– Bumble allows you to through your dating app see how good of a match you are musically by synchronizing Spotify playlists TechCrunch
– Former Swedbank CEO Michael Wolf thought to be heading into the VC space by rumors making the statement he’s joining the board of Zound Industries DiDigital
– Spotify hires IR professional moving closer to IPO DiDigital
– Chinese Director Jia Zhangke said to be producing VR movie in 2016 AP
– Spotify looks to ramp up its ad game with freemium user base growing steadily WSJ
– Supercell stake acquired by Chinese game development conglomerate Tencent from SoftBank for USD 8.57 BN valuing the company at USD 10.2 BN – making it the Nordics first Unicorn valued over USD 10 BN SupercellTheVerge
– Storytel acquires publisher Nordstedt in a SEK 150 M deal DiDigital shifting traditional media to new platforms, interesting notes here: DiDigital
The Microsoft/LinkedIN networks combined:
My best wishes for a Great Midsummer holiday!

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