Week 1626


Last week started off in the back waters of the #Brexit referendum and created volatility on the financial markets. By week end the markets had stabilized and the FTSE closed the week on a higher note than it opened (!?).
TechCrunch posted an article on how this will affect the tech environment.

– WhatsApp hits 100M voice calls per day TheVerge
– FAA released new regulations on drones over populated areas enabling drone deliveries
– The Swede who put the “y” in Lyft speaks to its competitor Uber Breakit
– Lyft also hires M&A bank – and speculations begin WSJ
– A Lyft investor memo leaked early June 2016 Fortune
– Lyft (and Uber) partners with Hertz to enable easier access to vehicles for its drivers Lyft
– Why tech companies can make impact in the suburbs – in this case in Stockholm Breakit
– Google brings Google for entrepreneurs to the new EpiCenter in Stockholm Breakit
– Why Millenials have a disruptive impact TheMillenialDisruptionIndex
– Never have Swedish tech companies received this much funding as the 6 first months of 2016 Breakit and here are the 100 most funded Breakit
– Hyperloop seeks opportunities in Sweden DiDigital
– The merging landscape of self-driving vehicles mapped out by Bloomberg
– Facebook adjusted its Wall algorithms to enforce posts from friends and family Wired
– Tesla in self-driving mode involved in lethal accident TechCrunch

– 10 startups mixing reimagining AR and VR VentureBeat
– Consumer report on VR argues there is more to it than gaming VentureBeat
– HollywoodReporter lists the 100 most powerful people in Hollywood
– Instagram reaches 500M users of which 300M are active every day CNBC
– Annecy international animation festival names several animation companies about to revolutionize the movie industry TBIVision
– HTC leads a larger than USD 10 BN fund into VR/AR with Sequoia and alikes VRVCA “We are not searching for the next technology revolution because it is already here. We are searching for the next entrepreneur to lead it.” AsianReview
– Spotify and Apple go head-to-head on Spotify update trying to circumvent the payment through Apple Store BusinessInsider and Buzzfeed
– Lionsgate acquires Starz and its content for USD 4.4 BN Variety
– Chinese video streaming users start subscribing to SVOD services en masse WSJ
– Grammy winner Jörgen Elofsson invests in Turnpike DiDigital
– MagicLeap show case how the world will appear through its lenses Inverse


And some selected statistics:
Screen time increase in the US.
Streaming music services growth:
Ad spend on TV decrease rapidly:
Interest over certain VR/AR headsets:
Consumers are ready to spend on purchasing a VR HMD:
The largest gaming companies in terms of Revenue in 2015 compared to 2014:
The self-driving landscape mapped out by Bloomberg:
Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 08.21.01
Union squares top exits – not a bad track record:

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