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The past week got clouded by the sad events in Nice, France on their national holiday and the coup attempt in Turkey just last night.
On the financial fronts S&P (Nasdaq) closed on record high levels every day the past week now up 8.1% (9.5%) since June 27th in the Brexit aftermath.
On the tech fronts Nintendo and Niantic’s Pokémon Go has taken the world with storm being the first Augmented Reality game broadly distributed. Some interesting stats after the game has been available for just over 2 weeks (since July 6th) and just 1 week in the US is that it recorded 21 M Daily Active Users (that’s more than Twitter) spending an average of 33 min on the platform on Thursday July 14th. That’s an average of 11 min more than Facebook the currently most used application on Android and iOS.
Some useful links on the topic.
What Pokémon Go really is – EngadgetDiDigital
Background on Niantic – Pitchbook
T-Mobile offering free roaming and Lyft rides to play Pokémon Go (“Pogo”) WCCFTech
Nintendo’s share price is up 93% in just two weeks – GoogleFinance

– Google might spin out its self-driving car division DiDigital
– What the 2001 tech bubble brought to the current era of start-ups in Sweden DiDigital
– Report pointing out the big auto-makers should and could drive the self-driving car development CBInsights
– GM and Lyft are taking steps towards creating the self-driving taxi network Forbes
– Alibaba joined the smart car race with its first (smart) car AFRNews
– Hyperloop One co-founder that just got fired claims harassment in lawsuit Forbes
– Line – the Japanese messaging app – went public on NYSE and in Tokyo finishing first day of trading up 27% to a valuation of USD 8 BN from its opening CNN
– Positioning the Line IPO fourth to other messaging and social media company IPO valuations CBInsights
– Study by Morgan Stanley shows Uber might be losing ground in the New York taxi competition Fortune
– More Swedish entrepreneurs focusing on Social Impact investments Breakit
– Speakers at this autumns Sthlm Tech Fest Breakit

– Predictive algoritms estimates AR/VR market could be worth USD 4 BN by 2018 CBInsights
– MagicLeap called themselves a baby Apple GameIndustry
– Buzzfeed moving into feature films Hollywoodreporter
– Apple’s first reality TV show will be called Planet of the Apps Engadget
– RedBull will be launching an original online TV series called the Ripple Effect RedBull

And some statistics:
“PoGo” usage:
Largest Messaging and Social Media exits:
Investments in AI:

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