S&P500 continued to beat records last week closing Friday on another record high (WSJ) and PoGo (Pokémon Go) continues to charm the world with new record numbers, city meet ups, all time record at the Apple App Store (TechCrunch).

– Japanese SoftBank acquires semi-conductor world leader ARM Holdings for USD 32 Bn. Signature acquisition showing a bet in IoT development WSJ. Note: ARM is the main semi-conductor designer for basically all smart-phones on the market.
– Elon Musk revealed his Master Plan “Part deux” for Tesla that concludes in short:
1. Create stunning solar roofs with seamlessly integrated battery storage

2. Expand the electric vehicle product line to address all major segments (i.e. buses, heavy duty, pick-ups)
3. Develop a self-driving capability that is 10X safer than manual via massive fleet learning
4. Enable your car to make money for you when you aren’t using it

– GMs fist self-driving car will be announced in the Lyft network TechInsider

– Health app Lifesum closed another financing at USD 10 M to expand in the US Breakit
– Aneel Bhursi (founder of Workday) claims that tech related valuations have only begun decreasing DiDigital
– Sweden remains EU’s most innovative country but Denmark is closing in rapidly EuropeanComission
– The story about the woman – running the company – behind the CEO of AirBnB. Most important note: “you always talk to people”Backchannel
– Twilio (Cloud computing and real-time communications) IPOed on Thursday – and that successfully – with a 92% gain in the first day of trading showing Wall Street still has appetite for tech companies CNBC
– Peter Thiel – Silicon Valley profile (PayPal, Palantir, Founder’s fund etc..) endorsed Trump on stage at the RNC NYTImes
– Facebook Messenger reported it now has over 1BN MAUs DiDigital

– Magic Leap is closing in on launch hints its CEO Rony Abovitz Futurism
– LucasFilm is producing its first Virtual Reality movie. It will be starting Darth Vader TheVerge
– For the first time over half of all new TVs shipped are now “smart TVs” AdvancedTelevision
– Swedish Rock-Science developer Nuday Games files for Bankruptcy DiDigital
– Eugene Chung – pioneer in VR – claims the limit does not exist in Forbes interview Forbes
– Pandora rejects bid from SiriusXM and delivers poor results TechCrunch
– Sportsbusinessdaily claims we’ll see a lot more M&A between the large cap media companies
 – Google puts its stand-alone VR HMD on ice – focuses on mobile VR ReCode
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