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Pokémon Go (PoGo) continues its stunning global march launching in Japan last week adding McDonald’s as its first paid location sponsor. More than ¼ Japanese iOS users played the game every day, and 1/10 American iOS users every day last week (AppAnnie). Did it really start out as an April’s fools joke? Yes it did (Forbes). AppAnnie further claims its the best mobile game – ever.
This week I’ll segment the send out even more to make it easier pursuing the news that attract you more easier.
New headlines: self-driving and VR/AR.

– Google cuts energy bills with several percentage points by integrating DeepMind AI software to its cooling systems at data storage locations Bloomberg
– The story about how Dollar Shave Club (DSC) made a significant impact on the razor market Medium
– How the Turkish Coup was orchestrated through WhatsApp Bellingcat
– Hilary Clinton’s breaking the glass ceiling appearance after the nomination of becoming the first female presidential candidate of one of the two parties in the US TheWeek
– All details about Apple’s stronger than expected Q3 (broken FY) TechCrunch
– Video from inside the Tesla Gigafactory – it was further inaugurated last week Wired
– Oracle acquires NetSuite for USD 9.3 BN to bolster Cloud offerings NyTimes
– UK startup Monese lets expats / immigrants to open a bank account in less than 3 minutes TechCrunch

– Partner Chris Dixon at Andreessen Horowitz predicts how the world will look in 10 years – or maybe 2 – with roads full of autonomous cars TechInsider
– Uber reached 2 billion performed rides 6 months after it had achieved 1 billion Reuters
– Apple’s autonomous vehicle program Titan to be lead by the executive behind the Apple Watch, the iMac, the MacBook Air and the iPad – Bob Mansfield TechCrunch WSJ
– Solar Impulse 2 have completed its around the world trip 100% driven by solar energy landing in Abu Dhabi last week after 500 000 (!) hours of flight Breakit
– China legalizes ride hailing services and Uber acquires 20% stake in Didi Chuxing NyTimes

– Mark Zuckerberg claims AR will flourish on phones before other devices – hint PoGo TechCrunch
– What Pokémon Go means for Augmented Reality and Magic Leap Fortune
– What Magic Leap really is and how it works UploadVR
– How the Snapchat camera is an AR feature as they add new services TheInformation
– Oculus biggest competitor – and soon its bigger brother (?) – is HTC TheInformation

– China overtakes the US as the largest mobile gaming market GamingIndustry
– Nintendo shares dropped 15% after having claimed PoGo won’t have as big of an impact on its revenues as analytics might have expected Bloomberg
– Does the 15 investment banks involved in the Verizon/Yahoo transaction actually bring the value expected TheInformation
– Kanye West wants Apple to acquire Tidal DiDigital
How much US presidential candidates lie in their addresses:
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How big of an instant success PoGo is comparing to for instance Minecraft:
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