Mediaupdate w.1632 & w.1633


Week 32 compiled the ending of Q2 reports, where basically all large tech companies came out ahead of expectations.
Week 33 came out with focus on autonomous cars as Uber announced a collaboration with Volvo on their first autonomous car hitting the streets of Pittsburg shortly and the VR industry is picking up pace.
– Amazon rival gets acquired by Wal-Mart for USD 3 BN WSJ
– Pitchbook profile of AirBnB after its latest USD 1 BN raise Pitchbook
– Are negative interest rates making people spend more? No, according to WSJ – they’re saving more WSJ
– Looklet hires former H&M Digital manager to attract more online photo models DiDigital
– Werlabs raise SEK 32 M from well reknown angel investors DiDigital
– Google VC’s manager Bill Maris quits Alphabet Wealth-X
– Zennström’s recirculating water company Orbital System are looking to raise EUR 3 M DiDigital
– Unicorns are starting buy-back plans for employees to cash-out NYT
– The 27 Swedish “Tech Billionaires” DiDigital
– Online pharmacy and doctor appointment app Kry raise EUR 6.1 M TechCrunch
– After its first month in service PoGo passed USD 200 M in revenues from in-app purchases Sensortower
– Swedish VR start-up Svrvive raise SEK 50 M from one Swedish family Breakit
– Google’s head of VR movies claims medicin can benefit greatly from VR DiDigital
– How eye-tracking can become an instrumental part of VR and AR TheInformation
– Here is how the UN are looking to educate its members on crisis situations through VR DiDigital
– Emma af Robson leaves MWM as its CEO to start VR/AR consulting agency DagensMedia
– VM motors – the Chinese competitor to Tesla raise USD 1 BN in its first investment round to win the autonomous EV market DiDigital
– Featured article on Google’s autonomous car Czar Bloomberg
– Uber’s first self-driving car will be a Volvo XC90 after closing a USD 300 M deal with the automaker DiDigital
– Helsinki bets on self-driving buses TechCrunch
– Here’s how complicated the ride-sharing economy has become after the Didi/Uber deal Bloomberg
– Disney enters the SVOD market with SEK 8.5 BN bet on BAM Tech DiDigital
– Ariana Huffington leaves Huffington post to build her new startup Thrive Capital on IOT in MedTech BusinessInsider
– Featured article on the biggest mobile hit ever – Pokemon Go AppAnnie
– Daniel Ek basically saying Spotify wants to acquire SoundCloud in an interview with TV4 
– Snapchat acquires internet app and site recommendation site Vurb for USD 100 M TheInformation
And some statistics:
The split between the ride-hailing services:
How much Pokemon Go actually generates in revenue compared to other top performing apps:
Subscribers to video streaming services:

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