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last week focus was an in-depth study on what comes after Virtual and Augmented reality, namely Mixed reality (MR). Wikipedia explains briefly.

– Zlatan becomes a tech-investor as he joins Isbit Games Breakit
– Drone Racing League (DRL) raised SEK 100 M in financing to create a new worldwide sport Breakit
– Unilever to acquire the Honest Company by Jessica Alba for probably USD 1.7 BN Pitchbook
– GP Bullhound posted the shortlist for their European Tech Investor Allstar event GPBullhound
– Rocket internet filed a loss of EUR 617 M H12016 DiDigital
– Mark Zuckerberg announced a USD 3 BN initiative to cure diseases TechCrunch

– Spotify announced it now has more than 40 M paying subscribers and some noteworthy executives decided to leave the company Breakit Engadget
– Music streaming revenues grew 5 percentage points from H1 2015 in the US Billboard
– Swedish Consumer Agency starts probe on influencers by going after Instagrammer Kissie for hidden promos DagensMedia
– PoGo hype seems to be decreasing its growth pace as it loses the top grossing spot to a Supercell game SensorTower
– Intel acquired Movidius a chip manufacturer for drones, VR and potentially autonomous vehicles Recode
– The disputed non-existing headphone jack in the iPhone 7 might not have been such a bad idea as bluetooth headphone sales accounted for more than 50% of headphone sales in the US in June 2016 NDP

– Tim Cook – CEO of Apple – claims Augmented/Mixed reality will be bigger than Virtual Reality TheVerge
– Apple further poaches for employees from Magic Leap and seems to be creating an Augmented Reality product Investopedia BusinessInsider UploadVR Ubergizmo
– Oculus studios won an Emmy for its VR short movie “Henry”. The first VR-movie ever to receive an Emmy News18
– Jaunt recruited Hearst’s former VP George Kliavkoff TechCrunch
– Penrose Studios announced their Second movie Allumette will be available on Playstation VR later this year VRFocus
– Magic Leap game wizard outlines what gaming will look like in a mixed reality Gamasutra

– Lyft CEO John Zimmer predicts majority of the rides the company will provide by 2021 will be in autonomous cars. Concludes cars are used an average of 4% of the time and parked 96% of the time in the paper “the third transportation revolution” posted last week Medium Quartz
– Apple seems to be interested in acquiring stake in McLaren Technology WSJ

Chan Zuckerberg’s USD 3 BN initiative:

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