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tonight being all about the first Presidential election debate in the US where estimates show it will be the most viewed presidential debate probably ever with 100M or more viewers – or at least since 1980 (!!!) where Carter vs. Reagan had 80M viewers. The debate begins 9 PM EDT or 3 AM CET on CNN and you can watch it on: or SVT Play (if in Sweden).
Another interesting publish to review before the debate is WSJ’s immigration statistics to the US the past 10 years WSJ that shows immigration divided by what nationality is actually immigrating.
A somewhat shorter update as last weeks update was delayed.

– Yahoo got hacked – back in 2014 – and the company now said at least 500 million users were affected and of which the hackers stole personal information WSJ
– AirBnB are out raising more money, USD 850 M to be precise, the round is led by Google Capital and valuation seems to be USD 30 Bn WSJ
– Apple are reportedly testing a device similar to Amazon Echo with Siri running in the background Bloomberg
– SpaceX test-fired its Raptor engine that according to schedule will be the propulsion system for the rocket leaving for Mars – sometime RT
– Elon Musk further is set to reveal a plan on how to colonise Mars on Tuesday (tomorrow) USAToday

– Facebook overestimated – or lied – about the average time viewers actually watched videos on the platform, for two years WSJ
– Facebook later apologised WSJ
– Snapchat changed name to Snap and released its camera glasses – their first hardware product VentureBeat
– Toronto International Film Festival closed this weekend and here are the winners TIFF

– The Guardian speculates on the self-driving society and reference Mr. Zimmer’s arguments (posted in last weeks media update) theGuardian
– Uber seems to be looking into vertically takeoff and landing (VTOL) technologies ReCode

– Starbreeze and IMAX announces plans to roll out VR initiatives in 2018 DiDigital
– Oculus founder Palmer Lucky supported a group tied to the Trump campaign and that didn’t necessarily bring positive buzz to the department Gameinformer

And some statistics:
Pitchbook released their analysis of H1 2016 VC valuations as attached:

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