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Last week’s big announcement was – again – from SpaceX CEO Elon Musk who revealed the plan to colonize Mars and thus making us the first interplanetary species, at least to our knowledge, within our lifetime. Watch his keynote here: SpaceX and read a summary of it here: WSJ TheVerge and the project by the numbers:

– Google plans to take on Amazon’s success story around its bot and Echo products, bu announcing Google Home and new products this week Yahoo
– Swedish former Minister of Finance argues Fintech increase risk on the financial markets DiDigital
– Qualcomm in talks to acquire NXP Semiconductors for about USD 30 BN in a deal that would continue the consolidation of the semiconductor space WSJ
– Forbes argues around why private companies take longer to IPO, and that the term “unicorn” is ironic Forbes
– The risks implied with smart home devices such as cameras etc. increase as hackers shows their vulnerabilities WSJ see statistics further down.
– Walmart in talks to invest up to USD 1 BN in India’s food supplier Flipkart Bloomberg

– Spotify finally launched in Japan, with built in karaoke feature TheVerge
– On the speculations around Spotify seeking to acquire SoundCloudNiklas Zennström publicly advise them to continue acquire added value companies Forbes DiDigital
– Xiaomi plans to open 100 physical stores per year, designed as or at least inspired by – you guessed it – Apple stores TechinAsia
– Remember the buzz around Meerkat as it pioneered the live streaming services in 2015 against rival Periscope from Twitter? It closed its services last week. TechCrunch
– Swedish publisher Frida changes name to FAB Media to reflect the tradition to become a digital publisher for Millenial females DagensMedia
– Privacy among messaging apps in the scope as Google have announced its Allo WSJ further see statistics.
– Four big film festivals in October, Austin Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival and Savannah Film Festival WSJ

– NuTonomy known from being Singapore’s self-driving taxi fleet in talks to raise more funds Bloomberg
– Former Tesla CPO, Peter Carlsson, now goes after former employer Tesla’s Gigafactory in officially launching plans to build a factory equal to the Gigafactory in Sweden through the recently formed company SGF Energy, Sweden has the resources necessary to take on the fight he claims NyTeknik
– Lyft drivers will receive the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV before retail customers GM announces GMAuthority

– An in-depth story about Magic Leap and Rony Abovitz NewTimes
– Oculus Connect 3 takes place this week which have held announcements from the company on product releases and more UploadVR
– HBO launches a new serie with VR and AR in focus, called Westworld TechCrunch
– After a featured event at Harvard, students claimed MR/AR/VR will shape our future HarvardGazette
And some nice to have’s:
How well each messaging app is encrypted by WSJ:
Risk exposure to hackers in the smart home:168936badec3769f26eba9244c89fbbf
How the ride-sharing companies are tracking in NYC:

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