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Samsung discontinued the production of Galaxy Note 7 after several batteries have exploded Bloomberg, it made the stock drop around 10% in three days.
A really interesting release this week was the study “Svenskarna och internet 2015”. Mapping the internet use and penetration in Sweden.
Keypoints from the report:
– 93% of Swedes have access to internet
– at the age of 2 more than 50% of the children have used some services on internet
– 97% have a cell phone of which 77% have a smartphone
– Social media keeps growing especially Snap(chat)
– Most frequent social media users are females age 12-15 where more than 62% Snap everyday
– 70% of the internet users watched video content online, 45% every week, 17% everyday
Read the full report here
– A study trying to explain economic development and whether or not groups that claim they had it better before actually did
– And an American perspective on the same topic WSJ

– AirBnB now offers landlords incentives to earn their trust (?) WSJ
– POTUS Barack Obama med MIT Media Lab to discuss Artificial Intelligence and its impact Wired
– the Softbank Vision Fund in partnership with the PIF (of Saudi Arabia) could invest up to USD 100 BN in global technology Pitchbook
– H&M investment in garment recycling company Worn Again may open a completely new business market SvD
– Amazon continues to open several brick-and-mortar stores and pick-up points FT
– Facebook Workplace (the business edition) keeps growing with more than 1000 business such as Starbucks and Danone in Beta now Fortune
– MTG buys 35% stake in Innogames for SEK 900 M DiDigital


– Martin Lorentzon leaves the position as chairman in Spotify for Daniel Ek, a move in preparation for a coming US IPO (?) Breakit
– Google about to shift its main search algoritm to a mobile focused one SearchEngineLand
– Techcrunch suggests someone will buy Netflix, whether it’s DisneyAmazon or Apple they won’t speculate in TechCrunch
– Netflix bought the rights to produce a movie about the spectacular hit on G4S cash depot in Stockholm Breakit
– Amazon finally released its Music Unlimited streaming platform coming in to beat competition at USD 7.99/month Amazon
– Youtube had 124 M viewers during the Second Presidential debate on October 9th up 40% from the first YouTube


– Uber dominates the US market but Lyft slowly carves in on the market shares report states and the Uber and Lyft rivalry enables both companies it claims 7ParkData BusinessInsider
– Report well worth a read on the future of transportation by Bloomberg and McKinsey 
– Hyperloop gets USD 50 M in financing from DP World Group of Dubai, to complete full scale test in – you guessed it – Dubai Reuters


– Investments in the AR/VR field passed USD 2.3 BN the 3rd quarter in 2016 being the 9th consecutive quarter with increasing investments into the space VRWorld
– Tim Cook says there is no substitute for human contact speaking to Virtual Reality CNBC
– Sony Playstation VR created long cues as consumers wanted to get their hands on a HMD WSJ
– BestBuy creates several demo sites in their stores to push sales on VR headsets for the upcoming holiday season RetailDive
– Hololens is now available to ship worldwide Fortune
– ModalVR a new mobile VR HMD announced its business last week ModalVR

And some stats…

Electric vehicle sales from McKinsey and Bloomberg report:
From the report “Svenskarna och internet 2015”:
Bookings per home-away-from-home service:
The economic growth, per percentile of wealth on the x-axis and development the last 10 years on the y-axis:

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