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getting ready to leave the Bay Area after 5 days a few comments on observations what’s going on here, now these are non-confirmed and should be considered observations and nothing else:
– AI, MR/AR/VR, autonomous driving seem to be the current hypes.
– Sustainability is top of mind in how companies want to be perceived, they are all striving to make the world a better place through technology enhancements
– AI: Some argue AI can supersede the human race and the thought experiment is that it actually would get bored by observing us like want to explore space. It would too. But in a much shorter period of existence given its logarithmic evolvement.
– Food: We are now capable to replace proteins like ground beef, eggs and fish with 100% plant based proteins and make them look, feel and taste like their replacements.
– Security: iPhones, iPads and Android devices are a lot more difficult to hack than PCs and MacBooks. Make sure to change password and never reuse a password across several services as that is the easiest way for “dark”-hackers to acquire access to your accounts


– Facebook’s and Google’s facial recognition services are alleged to invade privacy rights in a court order, the suit claims they should pay a fine of USD 1,000-5,000 for every time they’ve scanned a picture for a face without permission Bloomberg
– SpaceX Mars lander infographics from imgur
– Corporate VCs (CVCs) should lead more rounds to earn their credibility Pitchbook argues
– CenturyLink announced they’re acquiring Level 3 Communications for USD 25 BN in another big telco merger WSJ
– At WSJ Digital conference the CEOs of AT&T and Time Warner argued the merger is good for both consumers and competition WSJ
– Palantir prevails over the US Army over a contract worth over USD 200 M WSJ
– Qualcomm is buying NXP for USD 47 BN Bloomberg
– Amazon is soon the largest apparel vendor in the US BusinessInsider


– Snap seeks to raise up to USD 4 BN in its IPO valuing the company to around USD 25-35 BN Bloomberg
– CMore and TV4 recruits a new COO namely Rickard Segeborn DagensMedia
– Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and CPO Chris Cox evolve around whether Facebook is a media company or not WSJ


– Hyperloop prototype is taking shape in the Nevada desert getting ready for early 2017 demo electrek


– Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaks to how he believes AR and AIs will transform life and the ultimate computer being the AR one driven by AIs WSJ
– Mixed Reality market assumed to grow to USD 6.9 BN in 2024 PRNewswire
– Magic Leap seems to be getting ready for market release Futurism
– Investors views on MR from Immerse 2016 RoadtoVR



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