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To highlight a few extra interesting links please find them * marked.
The week of a new President-elect of the United States and the remembrance day marking one year since the Paris attacks on Sunday. President-elect Donald Trump won with the counts Statisticbrain:
  Republican Democratic Total
Electorates 290 (56%) 228 (44%) 518
Popular vote 60,350,241 (47,6%)
60,981,118 (48,2%) 126,622,225 (55,6% of 218,959,000 eligible)
Senate 51 (52%) 48 (48%) 99
House 238 (55%) 193 (45%) 431
On the political remarks given last weeks election:
– Here is what the election signaled to political hackers: Go ahead! Wired
– Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) said the company won’t change its core beliefs in diversity and inclusivenessWSJ
– What impact did Facebook and Twitter have according to the electorates? Apparently not a very good one this time around. WSJ
– Facebook claims it had no tipping impact at all according to CEO Mark ZuckerbergDiDigitalTechCrunch
*- This is an elegant tool WSJ put together to show the “opposite side” of a Facebook feed in the heat of the election. WSJ
– Here is what the Trump ticket might mean for cybersecurityWired
– What Silicon Valley feels will happen with the new president on ImmigrationOffshoremanufacturing and tradeOn-demandeconomyAI and Robotics as well as diversity Wired
– Peter Thiel now formally joins the board to advice on the transformation of Presidencies for President-elec Donald Trump DiDigital

– CRSPR can adjust geneticcode to cure deceases and reduce future illnesses TechCrunch
– Quite funny interview with AmazonEcho and GoogleHomeWSJ
– As President elect Donald Trump wants the US government to have backdoors into your technology products, what messaging services should/could you use to stay private? Answer is: iMessage to iMessageWhatsApp or Allo.  TheVerge
– Google’sMoonshot projects are defined according to if they can: WSJ
  1. Can we name the issue, and are we excited to tackle?
  2. Is there a radical solution to solving it?
  3. Are there a specific set of technology that can enable the team to address that issue to find a/the solution?
– Internet traffic spiked during election night with significant increase in social medias, especially Twitter and FacebookNetflix usage dropped about 25% InternetPhenomena
– Swedish extended product life and second-hand company Sellpy’s latest round’s details DiDigital

– Pre-study on Hyperloop between Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands have now been agreed upon between the Finish and Dutch governments Breakit
– Here is how Hyperloop One will look in Abu Dhabi Hyperloop
– Uber rival Karhoo shuts down having burned through USD 250 M in funding. TechCrunch

– Here is the new Swedish Media subsidiaryprogram acknowledging Media is now more than paper news and film DagensMedia
*- This trailer – for the AI thriller movie Morgan – is completely produced by IBM super computer WatsonWired
– Mobile ad viewing lasts only 7 sec vs on desktop’s 15 seconds before engagement from viewers Mediapost

– The feeling of using Google’s Daydream VR TheVerge
– and according to WSJ it’s the best smartphone powered VR experience out there today. WSJ
– Virtual and Augmented reality is too big to ignore says Warpin Media’s founders SvD
– IMAX puts USD 50M into specific VR/AR fund to explore opportunities for future entertainment VentureBeat


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