Mediaupdate w.1646


With a couple of interesting reports released this week, we can conclude: the digital revolution continues, usage increase across all ages and demographics. It gets fragmented across services and applications dependent on age groups primarily.
Being Swedish you can check if you’ve been hacked in a recent hacker attack as follows:
SVT’s investigating program Dold found and can check if your account on various servers have been hacked. SVT


CRSPR can adjust genetic code to cure deceases and reduce future illnesses TechCrunch
Quite funny interview with Amazon Echo and Google Home WSJ
What the President elect means for Silicon Valley according to these people – not very much good, at all TechCrunch
Disney sets out to build a larger theme park in Hong Kong WSJ

What people that’ve tried ML think about the service GPUofTheBrain
Apple seems to be in discussions to explore wearable smart glasses Bloomberg

IMAX ear marks USD 50 M to create high quality VR content MediaPost

Ericsson Mobility report Ericsson
Ofcom’s report on how children in the UK adapt to the future of media OfCom

Children’s view of the future of Media in the UK:
Specifics on data usage from the Ericsson mobility report:

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