Mediaupdate w.1648

Italian referendum and the market reaction – basically none – have been centerstage this week.
Another helpful insight from travels in South East Asia last week was that most of the film/movie related innovation in the region now comes out of New Zeeland from spin-offs of the Lord of The Rings engagements.


– How Apple pay shifts your brain to approach purchases Wired
– The Chinese version of amazon echo Kitguru
– Swedish accounting AI-firm seeks A-round to beat traditional accounting methods DiDigital
– Amazon cloud services are picking up pace turning over a stunning USD 3.3 BN in Q3 2016 at a 55% growth pace WSJ
– Stripe lands USD 150M at a USD 9.2 BN valuation Pitchbook
– Patagonia release new super-recycled collection Wired
– H&M teams up with headphone manufacturer Happy Plugs to develop and produce trendy headphones to be sold primarily online Breakit
– At UC Irvine scientists have developed a phone battery that lasts for 400 years BusinessInsider
– Atomico released their latest State of the European tech to be released at Slush Atomico (also attached below)
– Nike released their first self-tying shoe for sale this week WSJ
– Amazon’s future shopping experience in a brick-and-mortar store will make all other b-n’-ms feel jealous Amazon
– What happens with Alexa and Google home when they sleep Wired


– Otto knew they weren’t allowed to test-drive a fully autonomous lorry on the streets but did it anyway Engadget
– Chinese CTrip acquires SkyScanner for USD 1.7 BN to expand bookings Bloomberg
– The results of the Swedish taxi reviewDiDigital
– Irish legislators getting ready to approve self-driving cars Independent
– Atomico invests SEK 100 M in Lilium Aviation – flying two man vehicles DiDigital
– Apple filed for regulations on autonomous driving capabilities Link to document


– MIT have figured out a way to make VR go wirelessWired
– ML could wipe out computers in the near future NewsEveryday
– Swedish morning news tries the “Christmas gift of 2016” and sorts out what’s on the market TV4
– How ML could disrupt every other digital market Tweaktown 
– Go into the life of Assassins CreedTechCrunch
– PSVR is taking Japan Virtual VentureBeat
– How AR can help reduce pain in missing limbs TechCrunch
– Gothenburg’s Stadsmission created a VR experience to enable people to experience what it feels like living as a homeless Youtube


– Hollywood studios looking to make movies available to private consumers 2 weeks after they premiere on cinemas Bloomberg
– Amazon’sThe Grand Tour debuted as the top watched original series on the platform to date – but the didn’t announce the actual number Amazon
– Netflix now allows downloads for offline viewing TechCrunch


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