Gott nytt 2017 – Mediaupdate 1651/1652

The Millenial generation’s quest, on dopamine from texts, relationships, work ethics and life. “You can have anything you want exactly when you want it. Except: Job satisfaction and meaningful relationships. There ain’t no app for that.” – Simon Sinek Youtube
A compelling story of how the world could look in 2030 – when no-one owns anythingWorldEconomicForum


– Google’s first full year after the restructuring to Alphabet/Google and hardware manufacturing TechCrunch
– Amazon’s strong 2016 TechCrunch
– 13 things worth to consider BusinessInsider
– Na-Kd receives SEK 140 M in funding form Northzone and Equity DiDigital
– 2016 tech year in review by TechCrunch TechCrunch
– Another Billion (!) Yahoo accounts were hacked – a reminder to be careful with passwords Buzzfeed
– Benedict Evans of a16z brilliantly argues how mobile is taking over and that it soon is peaking – some graphs included below BenEvans
– Study on how Americans shop reveal 79% have now shopped onlinePewInternet


– Uber could lose almost USD 3 BN 2016 according to leaked numbers VanityFair
– For the first time in 50 years the most sold vehicle in Sweden isn’t a Volvo during 2016, it’s a VW Golf SvD
– Tesla started rolling out the autopilot Beta to the newest cars TechCrunch
– A little deeper on what Waymo (Alphabet’s AV company) will look like Bloomberg


– How marketers can learn from the successful tv-series from Norweigian NRK’sSKAMBreakit
– Snap’s IPO deck aims to convince investors it will become the next plattform WSJ
– Susan Wojcicki – head of YouTube – in an interview on why they are such big competitors to the music and entertainment industries Medium
– Instagram keeps growing – now at 600 M MAUs – that’s double the MAUs in 2014, despite Snap and others.. TheVerge
    – and Asian selfie-app Meitu raised over USD 600 M at a USD 4.2 BN IPO in Hong Kong Bloomberg
– Variety publishes claims 500 new series could hit American TV-screens in 2017 Variety


– Magic Leap increase recruitment ahead of opening production facility MSPowerUser
– Lenovo joins the VR race and announces their creating their own headset TheVerge
– Forecast for VR headset sales set to 61 M in 2016 and report claims AR is though the long-term winner MediaPost
– Amazon gets serious with their VR engagement and hires former Tribeca Director to head Amazon Studios VR Variety



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