Media update w.1705

– The US government felt the heat from its tech companies last week because of its immigration ban Link
– Tonight February 6th at CEST 00.30 the biggest TV show of the year (still?) will air as NE Patriots meets AT Falcons in the 51st Super Bowl Link

– Chinese cellphone manufacturers are winning the Indian market Link
– Why Fortune companies invest in start-ups Link
– The go to KPIs for any venture capitalist ? Link
– Apple lost the throne as the 6 year going most valuable brand to Google Link

– Lyft surpasses Uber in downloads after Trump immigration ban and #deleteuber campaign Link
– Uber CEO leaves advisory council for President Trump Link

– Spotify may delay IPO to 2018 Link
– Snap Inc. S-1 for IPO Link | Link
– Facebook and Youtube grew ad financed web TV in Sweden with 20% during 2016 compared to 2015 Link
– Sunday February 5th is the day of Super Bowl 51, with the largest ad turnover ever at USD 385 M Link
– Additionally, 25% of the Super Bowl viewers are likely to engage second screen content Link
– Facebook grew ad revenue by 54% 2016 yoy of which mobile ad revenues grew with 61%, they also mentioned they will invest in original content (both long and short format) and heavily in VR in 2017 Link

– High percentage of female entrepreneurs in the AR/VR space compared to other start-up spaces Link
– Watch parts of Super Bowl 51 through VR Link
– Google opens its Daydream platform to all developers Link
– Why AR will be big in business before it hits consumers Link
– Oculus ordered to pay USD 500 M in ZeniMax lawsuit Link



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