Media update w.1707/1708

– Time to change passwords again as #bloodflare (Cloudflare) bug is revealed Link
– The Academy awards weekend is over and the winners were Link | Link
– More funds to the Nordic startup sector as Standout Capital finish raising their first fund
– This week the Mobile World Congress has its annual get together in Barcelona – follow the latest news here Link

– Food giants turn to VC for new ideas Link
– How co-founders get into conversations and how to avoid them Link
– The questions Y combinator ask to find the next big thing Link
– Swedish e-commerce keeps growing Link
– Female bot voices are more likeable than male voices Link
– SpaceX Dragon fails to meet up with ISS after successful launch and landing of booster rocket Link
– Perspective trying to reenable comment fields on public news sites Link

– Lyft keeps growing Link | Link
– Waymo (Alphabet’s self-driving car company) are suing Uber for stealing their LiDAR design secrets Link

– Auddly raise SEK 20 M Link
– Disney suspends cooperation with Pewdiepie Link
– Pewdiepie argues WSJ took the anti-semitic content out of context Link
– Atomico raised their largest fund to date at USD 765 M Link
– Record breaking year for media spendings in Sweden Link
– Google agrees to audit Youtube numbers for digital media concerns Link

– Magic Leap acquires Swiss 3D studio Link
– Microsoft accelerates HoloLens production to V3 immediately Link
– Your new VR suit Link
– A couple of Swedish AR companies to keep track of Link
– Stats on VR penetration and sales in 2016 Link



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