Media update w.1711

– The story behind Sellpy Link
– Google enable money transfers via Gmail Link
– Netmarble – South Korea’s largest game maker – seeks USD 2.4 BN IPO valuing the company at USD 13.3 Won Link
– How articulated impact investing is becoming a realm in the VC space Link
– Spotify’s growth is – finally – giving them bargaining power over the labels Link

– Youtube have struggled with ads on offensive content and revamps their policies Link

– Uniti aims to build EV factory in Sweden Link
– Uber executive Jeff Jones quits Uber over differences in “beliefs and approach to leadership” Link
– Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shows off a robot similar to the one in Avatar Link

– The first interactive Sci-Fi VR experience Link
– Is Facebook developing their own AR headset? Link
– Magic Leap, the future of the immersive tech space and a VR backlash? Link
– Apple’s CEO Tim Cook makes more hints the company’s next big thing may be related to AR Link
– How to design for Facebook VR Link

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