Media update w.1713

Most unappealing vote in a while was decided upon in the US Congress last week. They voted in favour to allow internet providers to sell individual’s browsing history Link
– How Generation Y interacts with Mobile – study by Google Link

– Amazon Web Services (AWS) will open three data centres in Sweden from 2018 Link
– Apple have decided to start manufacturing their own graphics chips for handhelds Link
– PWC report on the effects of Brexit – not very techy but it touches on it… Link
– BCG published a report on how robots will effect traditional industries Link
– SpaceX made history re-launching a Falcon 9 rocket that already has been to space Link and managed to bring it back home and land it safely – again Link

– The effects of autonomous vehicles impacts real-estate more than the transportation industry Link
– Ford hires 400 engineers to keep building autonomous OS Link
– Lyft experimented with a shuttle route, turned out it worked Link

– Spotify reaches long-term agreement with Universal Link | Link
– Verizon to combine merge its two recent acquisitions AOL and Yahoo! to Oath Link
– Verizon is also planning their own streaming service Link

– Another speculation on what Apple’s augmented reality might look like Link
– Apple and Facebook join race to build AR glasses Link
– Tobii expands gaming collaboration with Uppsala based gaming studio TeotlLink
– Palmer Luckey said to be leaving his company Oculus Link
– Magic Leap to release USD 1000 AR Light field glasses in 2017 according to rumours Link
– Microsoft hires Oculus marketing chief for Mixed Reality push Link
– Playstation VR brand concept teaser Link

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