Media update w.1717


Egmont / Nordisk Film Games invests SEK 100 M in Avalanche Studios Link
Europe’s 22 most prominent VCs Link
Apple hires executives from Google’s satellite team to create new hardware team Link
Creades buys into Apotea and establishes a new SEK 2.4 Bn valuation Link
Babyshop acquires Lekmer for SEK 90 M Link

Amazon creates team focusing on driverless technology Link
– Portrait on Travis Kalanick that speaks to how Apple was about to kick Uberout of the App Store because it tampered with their fingerprint recognition Link
Lilium aviation premiered had their inagurational flight with a 100% electric 2 seat plane/helicopter Link
Waymo now offers self-driving rides to the public in Phoenix Link
Uber plans to test flying cars within 3 years Link | Link

– European sentencing makes online pirate streaming illegal Link
Headweb and Magine TV closes their businesses the weeks after each other, how come streamed movies doesn’t make it? Link
– The EU agrees to make streaming services having to agree on Europeancrossborder policies Link

Penrose studios premiered their prologue of Arden’s Wake and released their MaestroVR software for instant creation in VR Link
– Swedish Scenethere shows in VR a couple of spots in North Korea Link

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