Media update w.1734

– H&M Co:Labs invest in social media accuracy company Pinmeto Link
Google pays Apple up to USD 3 BN per year to be the iPhone’s default search engine Link
– Elon Musk’s Neuralink gets USD 27 M to build computers similar to humanbrains Link

Maersk reportedly lost USD 300 M from the NotPetya cyber attack Link
– New pictures of Apple’s selfdriving vehicles with expanded LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) systems Link
– An inside look at Waymo’s campus in Castle – close to Mountain View – where self-driving cars are more than just being developed Link

Facebook unveils shows from more than 30 partners including Time Inc., Hearst and major sports leagues Link
NBC’s daily Snapchat show posts 29 million viewers in a day. Link
LinkedIN bets on video on the platform Link
Snap is going to make original scripted content of their own – again Link
Co_Made invest in S/T-VOD recommendation service Playpilot Link

Facebook patents AR-glasses version Link
HTC follows Oculus and reduce price on HTC Vive Link
Dacuda’s founder founds new start-up with computer vision in mind after Magic Leap acquisition Link
Microsoft patents AR Wand Link
– Love this article of the Hype cycles and where AR/VR currently are Link008909FE-D6D8-4BA9-9925-62FA5231060E


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