Weekly update, w.1735

– Drone sales hit USD 1 BN Link
– Google/Android released Android 8.0 Oreo ahead of Apple holding their next launch event where iPhone 8 is expected to be launched Link
H&M and IKEA joins forces to producing textiles of cellulose within the company TreeToTextile Link
Kik seeks ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of USD 80 M and traditional equity raise of USD 20 M Link
– ComScore mobile App report 2017
Key takeaways:
Millenials consume mobile apps >3h per day and purchase at least one app per month
– Mobile apps dominate the app usage
– Top 3 apps on a phone accounts for roughly 50% of the time spent
– Majority of users consume no more than 20 apps per month Link

Uber selects Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi to their new CEO Link
– Blog article arguing that the winner takes all effect – the network effect – is very true for autonomous vehicles Link
Apple lost 17 autonomous vehicle engineers to Zoox Link
Lyft’s market share continue to grow in the US Link
– Self-driving act passes the House meaning there will be up to 25,000 autonomous vehicles in US streets Link

Spotify’s head of video and podcast leaves the company revealing a strategy shift Link
– News from the Venice film festival Link
– Some pretty cool Hollywood details are out for sale in a cool auction Link
Tencent Music IPO and raise money at a USD 10 BN valuation Link
TV ads in European markets continue to decline except for RTL who sees gain Link
– Final episode of GoT on HBO drew 12.1 M viewers

Sony to enter the pricing battle with HTC and Oculus by reducing their VR-bundle price with USD 50 Link
Sketches of Magic Leap goggles show up after patent filed in 2015 becomes public Link
– Preview of the first couple ot ARkit Apps Link
Google unveiled ARCore Link
– JauntVR announced a partnership with Microsoft Link
– ASUS release what they call is the first Mixed Reality headset Link


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