Media update w. 1736/37

A slightly longer media update since I didn’t get last week’s out properly.
A lot of focus on Augmented Realities post Apple’s iPhone event where they launched iPhone X (ten) and iPhone 8 along with iOS11 and ARkit built in.

H&M considers stand-alone brands replicating the business model of DanielWellington Link
Burning man thought piece argues why networking might not be everything for a startup Link
Facebook sold more than USD 100,000 political ads to Russian fakeaccounts during the 2016 election it says themselves Link
Square now applies for an industrial loan license Link
Singapore based pension fund Temassek leads what seems to be USD 650 M investment round in Magic Leap at a valuation of roughly USD 6 BN Link
23andMe about to raise USD 200 M for their DNA tests Link

Tencent and Atomico invest in Lilium Aviation hoping to bring flying personal vehicles to life Link
– What self-driving engineering visualises Link
US Congress unites and passes bill to spread self-driving cars testing across the US Link
– One of the most prominent LiDAR manufacturers raised USD 65 M from Delphi, Magna and a more investors Link
Alphabet seems to be placing USD 1 BN into Lyft Link
Lyft’s strategi suggests they should be the Android of the selfdriving car business Link
– In the Alphabet/Waymo against Uber lawsuit some details on how much some engineers are getting paid got revealed, and it is a lot Link

Instagram got hacked…. Link
– The Emmy’s awards show Netflix, Amazon and “new age production companies” are taking on the battle Link
Facebook Watch launches to all US users Link
– Winners of the Swedish TV-awards Kristallen 2017 Link
– New music streaming service aims to build product built by the capital it makes – not the VC funding Link
Important Looking Pirates receives Emmy for “outstanding visual effects” in the HBO serie Westworld Link
– Argument on why Disney should acquire Netflix to continue to lead in the digital boom Link

Industrifonden invests in VR-gaming studio Fast Travel Games Link
ARCore as demoed by Google themselves Link
– Developer suggest ARCore catch-up is good enough to ARkit leaving Microsoft behind Link
– Report suggests Magic Leap One is less than 6 months away Link
– Another reporter argues Apple will lead the way in the AR world Link
– Racing team Aprilia made an AR helmet for their mechanics with DAQRI as a foundation Link
Ericsson report suggests AR is five years out Link

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