Media update

Week 1738/39

– Wow, Magic Leap Link
Google makes another hardware bet in USD 1.1 BN deal with HTC Link and a16z investor comments on why Google might be interested in a transaction like this Link
– The SEC was hacked in 2016, why didn’t they say anything? Link
IKEA acquires Silicon Valley start-up Taskrabbit Link
Google have decided to create a shopping service unit to meet the EUCommissions demands Link
– Game developer Rovio known for Angry Birds went public valuing the company at USD 1 BN Link
Walmart partners with smart home lock August to try in-home deliveries Link

Ford and Lyft agrees on self-driving trials Link
– Rumours about Lyft signing an IPO advisory firm might have them in the public markets ahead of rival Uber Link
SpaceX suggest interplanetary rocket system for long-distance travel on earth, as well as plans to start colonising Mars by 2020 Link
– Great report on the autonomousdriving space and who’s taking the lead in the development Link

– Article on streaming trends and potential challenges Link
Spotify now valued at USD 16 BN according to Reuters Link
AMC invests USD 20 M in Dreamscape to bring location-based VR cinemasto LA Link
Amazon continues continues to increase its spending towards their own content Link
Instagram now has 500 M Daily Average Users of its 800 M total users Link

– Some of the active ARkit apps for iOS11 available now Link
– More on the Magic Leap change in website Link



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