Media update w. 1742

For the first time in an investor call Reed Hastings (CEO Netflix) didn’t characterise Netflix as a complement to traditional bundles but as a stand alone with steady growth. Streaming video is now more becoming a norm than something else. Link

The striking force of how a # can enlighten certain questions has shown its force in the campaign of #metoo Link

Kry serves about 10 000 patients per months compared to 0 a year ago, well “ahead” of Min Doktor to date Link
Facebook’s head of “building 8” is leaving the company Link
– Karl-Johan Persson and the Wallenberg’s FAM office join forces to invest in Swedish tech start-ups Link
Ruzzle developer company Mag acquires Swedish FEO Media known for Quizkampen Link
Amazon is reportedly developing their own sportswear line Link
Stitch fix files for a USD 100 M IPO Link
– Apple iPhone 8 is not selling as well as suppliers anticipated Link

– Self-driving widget developer Velodyne becomes a unicorn Link
Volvo officially unveils it’s EV line called Polestar Link
– What Apple’s self-driving car project (Project Titan) looks like
Lyft raised another USD 1 BN from Alphabet at a USD 11 BN valuation compared to their USD 7.5 BN valuation in April 2017 Link | Link
Baidu plans to reveal a fully self-driving bus in China in 2018 Link

Facebook bought the American rights of the Norwegian success serie SkamLink
Facebook and 10 publishers are trying subscriptions within instant articles in which 100% of the revenue is returned to the publishers as compared to through iOS devices where Apple keeps 30% Link

Magic Leap closed a new investment round of USD 502 M from investors including Temasek, Grupo Globo and Janus Henderson Link | Link | Link | Link
– Why people keep giving Magic Leap their money Link

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