Media update w.1743-45

Week 1743-45

Apple seems to be working on similar AR/MR devices as what Magic Leap is rumoured to.
Waymo reveals their self-driving cars at the same time Lamborghini reveals a self-healing electrical vehicle

Google Deep Mind has enhanced their AlphaGo learning capacity to a level 100:0 (!!) Link
– Looks like we’ve passed “peak start-upLink
– Are the FANG companies too big for their own good now Link
RobinHood – the commission free trading platform – reaches 3 million users Link
– Why Canada both gets – and gets – AI and smart cities Link
Alibaba continues to grow – have added USD 250 BN in market cap this year Link
Natural cycles raise USD 30 M from EQT Ventures among others Link
– Beijing based Bytedance acquires for USD 880M-1 BN Link
– Alibaba smashes its one day sales record with more than USD 25 BN in sales for one day on the Chinese equivalent of Cyber Monday, namely 11/11 Link

– Map of how many (or few) selfdriving cars that are on the streets right now Link
Volvo Cars Rental Services (VCRS) acquires the liquidated Garantibil Link
Waymo is coming closer to making a driverless car a reality Link
Waymo’s self-driving vehicles Link
– How to quantify the driverless startup boom Link
– EV startup Nio raise USD 900 M Link
Lamborghini unveils a selfhealing electric supercar – ehh, whaaat? Link

Netflix to raise USD 1.6 BN to finance new films and shows Link
– Now Verizon too starts charging for streaming video content, USD 10 / month Link
– The Spotify down-round in 2016 Link
Netflix will not continue the production of House of Cards with Kevin Spacey in it Link instead they’ll focus on a spin-off Link
Android TV lagging competitors but still growing Link
Pay TV subscribers are down in the US, Europe and Australia, the only viewer category increasing is SVOD Link

– What a team of AR developers finds to be the biggest pitfalls of current ARplatforms Link
Magic Leaps announces key hire of John Gaeta, the creator of the Matrix among other Link
– Every available ARkit app right now Link
– Google release 3D library called Poly Link
– What investors see in AR and VR Link
Amazon builds AR application Link
First minute capital joins USD 5.8 M seed investment into AR treasure hunt game Snatch Link
Hololens AR project that brings Holograms to your living room Link and at the same time as Microsoft extend the market reach to 29 new markets Link
– Rumours about Apple glasses are surfacing Link | Link
AR navigation app promises better accuracy than GPS alone Link
Apple acquires small lens photo enhancement company InVisage Link


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