Media update w.1746

Sense of the world: Norwegian Sovereign wealth fund said their strategy is now shifting to divest from all their oil companies – those that made the fund so wealthy in the first place – in benefit of renewables Link

– Welcome to the new Apple campus Link
– Similar to Orbital Systems, Mimbly seeks to reduce the amount of water used in your washing machine Link
Alibaba seeks non-digital growth by acquiring 36% of a Chinese similarity to CostCo – Sun Art Retail Group Link
Deliveroo added another USD 98 M to its already USD 385 M Series F round lead by T Rowe Price and Fidelity Management Link

Tesla unveiled Semi – their all-electric truck – and the upgraded Tesla roadster – fastest vehicle ever produced making 0-100 km/h in less than 1,9 seconds Link
Self-driving trucks are coming Link
Lyft to launch In a Second market – namely Canada and Toronto starting December 2017 Link

Snap’s quarterly earnings came in as a disappointment to the market and they’re writing down USD 40M worth of spectacles Link
– Why Apple should buy Netflix Link
Spotify acquires Swedish music creation startup Soundtrap Link
– Why Spotify seems to chose not to be listed on NASDAQ OMX Link
Amazon bought the rights to TV-series The Lord of the Rings for USD 250 M Link
– Is Amazon the only company capable to take on Netflix as John Maline puts it? Link
– Total TV viewing in the US declined faster than since the beginning of decline with a deceleration of 5.6%  Link
– Total media consumption though increased to 10h and 48 min per day for US adults (up 31 min/day since Q2 2016) Link
– Households with SVOD service(s) rose to 59% vs 57% in Q1 Link
Dreamworks Animations studio launches Dreamworks Shorts to explore new talent, storytelling skills and characters Link

Disney Pixar takes first step into VR by launching the skeleton world of CocoVR playing on their coming movie Link
Facebook flirts more and more with AR advertisement agencies Link
GridRaster raise USD 2 M for AR Cloud rendering solution Link
– How Mixed Reality gives the manufacturing industry a Digital Makeover Link

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