Media update 1747

– How Apple’s AI team is working on Face recognition through Deep Neural Network or AI Link
SpaceX closing in to 40 launches per year which in comparison to any other space agency & company is pretty wild Link
– The art of messaging, Facebook asked what users thought about Messenger Link

Uber and Volvo agreed on a deal in which Uber will purchase up to 24,000 Volvo XC90s to form fleet of self-driving cars Link
Uber was hacked in 2016 and 57 million user account details (name, email and phone numbers) was stolen – the company paid the hackers USD 100,000 to try to conceal the breach new CEO Mr. Khorowshahi told media Link | Link | Link
– Could Tesla power its “Semi” truck with solar panels? Link
Tesla installed the world’s largest battery129 Megawatts – at a wind turbine plant in Australia Link
Lyft about to raise another USD 500 M from Alphabet Link and gets permission to test self-driving cars on California roads Link
– An x-truckers questions about the Tesla Semi Link

EQT’s Mid Market Europe fund invests in Epidemic Sound Link
Spotify growth decelerated in Q317 compared to previous quarters Link

Samsung revelas 6 DoF controller and labels it “the next mobile VR system” for the company Link
Apple buys the creator of a “seamless” mixed reality headset – VRvana Link
– What Hololens are struggling with in the legal matters Link
– How Hololens imagines desktop apps in MR/AR LinkStart-up organisational charts1B4AB9AF-EDD1-4EC1-B255-E8551AA4F320F6AD738E-4670-48D8-991F-B1431D5389DF

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