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I’m back 🙂
After almost a year of radio silence I’ve decided to pick up the weekly summaries again.
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First of all I must highlight one of the most descriptive websites and projects I’ve heard about. It was the late professor Hans Rosling’s daughter in law who presented Dollar Street at Brilliant Minds in June. A website giving Google’s search algorithm a new meaning to me and certainly highlighted the importance of referencing.

Check it out on:


  • Twitter posts its largest profit yet but loses 1 M MAUs Techcrunch
  • Facebook earnings brought the market cap down > USD 100 BN, reasons being stagnating growth and growth forecasts CNBC
  • planning to bring its service to Europe Reuters
  • Facebook, Microsoft, Google and other tech giants join forces to create Data Transfer Project allowing users to transfer their data across platforms Fortune
  • Investigators carefully look into Swedish digital health solutions like Kry and Min Doktor SvD
  • Mapping of the 8 current Swedish e-Health services SvD
  • Apple moved machine learning and Siri teams together under John Giannandrea TechCrunch


  • Disney CEO says sports, more original series and movies maybe in the offering of SVOD service Deadline
  • Fox shareholders approves merger with Disney Bloomberg
  • Spotify reported 83 M subscribers, ARPU down 12% to $5.72 because of seasonal promotions and a net loss of ≈€400 M TheVerge | WSJ
  • Jeffrey Kantzenberg reportedly closed USD 1 BN funding for his NewTV CNN
  • Netflix will launch its first production site in Madrid, Spain Deadline
  • UK report on VOD users OfCom
  • Global Music copyright industry growth MusicBusinessWorldwide


  • Ford decides to create separate self-driving car unit Reuters
  • Waymo announce their cars have driven more than 8 M Miles ≈ 13 000 000 km Fortune | Twitter
  • Bloomberg Business week made a report on Tesla’s current issues and opportunities


  • Magic Leap reveals more details about what its hardware will be capable of TechCrunch
  • Global VR and AR markets estimated to reach USD 142 BN by 2023 DigitalTV
  • Oculus Go stood for all growth in VR headsets first half of 2018 GameIndustry


  • Ofcom study reveals how UK citizens consume their news: Major findings include: “Most are aware of the potential problems with online news – but
    don’t act on this knowledge, or rely on superficial cues”
  • PWC issued a report on China’s retail disruption
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 12.40.41
PWC report
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 12.40.32
PWC report


UK digital habits
Copyright growth
Value of Copyrights

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