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  • Roughly 90 M Amazon Echos sold but only 2% have been used for purchase TheInformation
  • Pay walls continue to see growth in subscription numbers MarketWatch
  • Thoughts about user retention curves AndrewChen
  • Patrick Söderlund leaves EA after twelwe years DiDigital
  • Facebook fundraisers have raised more than USD 300 M over the past year TechCrunch
  • Foodwaste app Karma raised USD 12 M from Kinnevik, Electrolux (this I find especially interesting), Bessemer and TechCrunch
  • Anna Ryot and Carl Manneh takes part in Norrsken’s Board of Directors DiDigital
  • Swedish companies valued over SEK 1 BN DiDigital
  • Report on how much US Mid-Market companies spend on tech EMarketer


  • How Daniel Ek thinks about the future music industry FastCompany
  • Robinhood closed Moviepass parent company Helios & Mathison from trading after share price have declined 99.99% BusinessInsider
  • Founders and early employees of Tinder sued IAC and Match Group for more than USD 2 BN after claiming IAC “robbed” them of stock options and under priced the acquisition CNBC
  • Amazon going head-to-head with Google/Youtube betting that Twitch can convince viewers its the better streaming service DiDigital
  • Is Amazon about to acquire cinema firm Landmark Theatres TechCrunch
  • OTT services adoption increase 17% YoY in the US ComScore
  • Lionsgate signed a multiyear output deal with Scandinavian distributor Nordisk Film Variety


  • Apple hires former Head of Tesla Model 3 hinting towards expanding on self-driving cars projects TechCrunch
  • How Tesla made more adjustments to off-the-shelf products in the Model 3 than the Model S and therefore “better” Jalopnik
  • Apple hinted to launch “iCar” in 2023 CNET
  • Some of Uber’s investors want the company to ditch their self-driving car projects because of too high losses Inverse


  • Alibaba to launch taobao – a new Mixed Reality shopping experience PanDaily
  • Ubiquity6 lands Series B round at USD 27 M to build a more user friendly augmented reality TechCrunch
  • What the XR industry needs to progress TechCrunch
  • More reviews of the Magic Leap One VirtualRealityPop



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US drug overdose deaths WSJ


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