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Given the Swedish election is closing in (September 9th) its hard to refrain from posting some details about it.

Here’s how Bloomberg outlines the potential parliament configurations given the election turns out according to the recent polls Bloomberg. I’ve also added the top three questions for each party on my website to help navigate the spectrum Nowisourcurtaincall


  • Delivery Hero CEO speaks to difficulties finding profitability DiDigital
  • Article in Swedish that speaks to how Millennials perceive the fashion industry Di
  • Natural Cycles are not allowed to market the company as “very reliable” according to UK court DiDigital
  • Google have managed to reduce data centre cooling electricity with up to 40% with the help of DeepMind TechnologyReview
  • Trump tweeted Google riggs the news we consume, then deleted it, then tweeted it again. Is he right or wrong? Wired
  • Readly adds SEK 100 M in a new investment from among others Swedbank Robur Ny Teknik DiDigital
  • Apple’s next big event is September 12th – said to be an iPhone event…. TechCrunch
  • The Economist on why startups are leaving – or at least not going to – Silicon Valley TheEconomist
  • This is just interesting – will most likely impact eshopping – a 3d body scanner WSJ
  • San Francisco agreed to give electric scooters a pilot period of 1 year BusinessInsider


  • Video Games manufacturers aim to make it harder to stop playing – knowing time is money (see statistics) WSJ. On the flip side, WHO added “Gaming Disorder” to the International Classifications of Diseases.  WSJ
  • Instagram TV seems not to be the success expected by viewer numbers (see statistics) TechCrunch
  • Former Google and Facebook executive Rachel Whetstone joins Netflix to lead communications WSJ
  • A lot happened in the OTT / SVOD market last week:
    • Youtube said they’ll release more than 50 original shows in 2019 HollywoodReporter,
    • Walmart confirmed the company will launch their OTT service in 2018 Tubefiller
    • Apple is building their marketing team for launch of their USD 1 BN bet on original shows MultichannelNews
    • Amazon had conversations with Paramount and Sony Pictures for rights to their movie libraries Bloomberg
    • Bob Iger said “Disney Play” (working name appearently) is going to be the company’s top priority in 2019 TechCrunch


  • Waymo opens office in Shanghai, further hinting to Google trying to reboot its search engine in China WSJ
  • Lyft said to have hired Class V Group as advisors for an IPO targeted as soon as this autumn to beat Uber to the bell Bloomberg


  • Apple buys Akonia Holographics from Colorado. A start-up focused on holographic and augmented reality glasses Reuters
  • Magic Leap holds their first developer conference in LA on October 9th and 10th RoadtoVR


  • Swedish election reaches global press and the Swedish Krona is battled Bloomberg
  • Report from Silicon Valley claiming most investors will be disappointed when the next downturn reaches the tech bubbles DI
  • Dagens Industri maps out Silicon Valleys increasing valuations and money to early stage start-ups Di


  • Mobile games now stands for more than half of the USD 138 Bn gaming industry according to NewZoo report

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