Media Update w.1837

Ahead of the US election for House of Representatives and some in the Senate – here follows some interesting probability measurements ProjectFiveThirtyEight

And on the European side of the Atlantic – rights holders won the legislation battle in the EU parliament with 438 votes against 226 making tech platforms having to pay for produced content to the right holder TechCrunch


  • Apple had 2018’s iPhone event – iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, Watch Series 4 and more. TechCrunch
  • Above further means Apple totally scrapped the SE models TechCrunch
  • Move fast and break things is now broken according to Department of Justice QZ
  • How the Instagram influencer bubble might be about to burst BusinessofFashion
  • Snap details market reach – thoroughly Snapchat
  • EQT – Swedish (fund) investment company – may be considering and IPO Bloomberg
  • Adobe says half of the American households could have an “AI”/Smartspeaker by end of this year CMO
  • Klarna continues path to become a bank by gearing up to release a credit card Forbes
  • VC firm Kleiner Perkins about to split its business in half WSJ
  • Netflix now completely recommend titles by utilising AI instead of user reviews and so does Spotify, and facebook, and Goldman Sachs all of which with some help from the users but mainly built on AI recommendations. Nike doesn’t. What’s the difference? FastCompany 
  • Tesla to reach magic limit of battery production cost at USD 100/kWh in 2018 says investor Electrek
  • ICA acquires 42% of e-health company Min doktor for SEK 335 M. Allows Min Doktor to facilitate all the micro clinics in connection to current warehouses DiDigital
  • How much do VCs actually make? Here’s a benchmark TechCrunch


  • Careem (Uber rival) expands into Sudan ChannelNewsAsia
  • Dyson builds USD 2.6 Bn autonomous car facility with test track Bloomberg
  • How Volvo cars delays their IPO because of Trump’s trade war uncertainty BusinessInsider
  • Mapillary and Amazon in collaboration around how to solve the parking issues of dense cities DiDigital
  • SelfDriving cars won’t be here for a while says WSJ article WSJ
  • Uber invests USD 150 M into Toronto based self-driving car lab TechCrunch
  • Lyft keeps poaching ex-Tesla employees TechCrunch
  • Volvo’s self-driving cars will soon hit the roads in Sweden TheLocal
  • SpaceX rolled out plans to send a man around the moon and back home again TechCrunch
  • Uber’s new travel platform – including electric scooters and bicycles DiDigital


  • Netflix makes first collaboration with Steven SoderberghHigh Flying Bird Deadline
  • Competition increase between Netflix and Amazon SvD
  • Breitbart posted a leaked video from Google’s first all hands on deck meeting after the 2016 election where Google co-founder Sergey Brin says “Most people here are pretty upset and pretty sad,”. TheVerge
  • Netflix launching post production tool alliance TechCrunch


  • Steam’s August data shows Oculus Rift now takes the lead from HTC Vive downloads Venturebeat
  • Mozilla releases WebAR API Mozilla
  • I expect you to Die’s VR game now reach USD 3 M in gross revenues Venturebeat




Swedish Election Authorities website crash in the middle of election night

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 08.28.09
Elevator density FiveThirtyEight
Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 17.59.13
Possible coalitions after the Swedish Election SvD
SpaceX spaceship
SpaceX first Space shuttle carrying humans around the moon and back TechCrunch
VR games sold on Steam VentureBeat
VC compensations TechCrunch


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