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How China is about to enforce social credits, basically grading you from every action you make by the constant monitoring – not sure if this is true but if it is – I feel somewhat discomforted ABC

And on sort of the same note – facebook had a huge data breach with up to (so far) 70M account details acquired by hackers WSJTo be safe – log out of all your apps that you’ve used your facebook login token to. The EU will probably fine facebook up to USD 1.63 Bn for a GDPR breach, though… TechCrunch| Wired


  • Klarna to acquire Brothers retail finance Finsmes
  • The history of Instagram and its founder Kevin Systrom WSJ
  • Facebook to join the battle for the smart speakers with their “PortalMashable
  • Amazon planning up to 3,000 convenience stores across the US in the coming years Bloomberg
  • Android turns 10 years old Engadget
  • Amazon coming to the housing markets by investing in sustainable construction company Plant Prefab CNBC
  • Story about integration of Bambora with Ingenico after the acquisition a year ago DiDigital
  • YCombinator to increase their ticket to USD 150,000 for 7% equity to keep pace with the markets TechCrunch
  • Orbital Systems lands SEK 160 M order DiDigital
  • How money disappears into the black hole of cryptocurrencies WSJ


  • SiriusXM acquires Pandora for USD 3.5 Bn Bloomberg | CNNMoney
  • Roku reducing the price of their streaming account TechCrunch
  • Spotify threatens to end family plans for families (or millenials sharing family plans with distant friends) not enabling GPS on their devices Venturebeat


  • Uber in talks to buy European Deliveroo Bloomberg
  • Apart from Elon Musk settling with the SEC and leaving the Chairman role and adhering to a sizeable fine (USD 20 M) TechCrunch he asks employees to test the full version of selfdriving TheVerge


  • Magic Leap to collaborate with Sennheiser TheVerge
  • Oculus release Oculus Quest at Connect 5 a very capable stand-alone headset Venturebeat
  • Inside Magic Leap’s motion capture studio lead by Andy Serkis – famous for Gollum in the Lord of the Rings Wired


  • US imports from China Moodys
  • Mobile has surpassed desktop as news consumption medium Chartbeat
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