Media update w.1840

Bloomberg broke story on how China might have spyed on US tech companies through a sophisticated micro chip. Look at the size of the chip on the chip. I wouldn’t have seen it… Bloomberg


  • Best study of the Swedish internet trends every year: Svenskarna och Internet 2018
  • Amazon to increase minimum wage for all US and UK employess to USD 15 per hour Bloomberg
  • Korea’s largest VC making its first enterprise blockchain investment CoinTelegraph
  • A feature of what Soft Bank is up with working their USD 100 Bn fund Bloomberg
  • H&M invests USD 20 M in payment services company Klarna in a strategic bet to win on- and offline DiDigital


  • EU to reduce VAT on audiobooks DiDigital
  • Netflix planning to make viewers in charge of how a show should end Bloomberg
  • Tencent Music with its 800 M users (!!!) files for IPO TechCrunch
  • European parliment voted to accept the law demanding 30% of content on SVOD service has to be locally produced DiDigital
  • Spotify also adds feature to upload podcasts directly on platform DigitalMusicNews
  • Storytel beats expectations adding 100 000 subscribers in the 3rd quarter DiDigital
  • Netlfix consumes an aggregate of 15% of the world’s internet traffic according to a report Sandvine


  • What Boeing’s next personal aircrafts might look like in a not too distant future at all Bloomberg
  • Sales number of new diesel cars cut in half after Swedish governmnet implemented new taxes on fossil fuels SVT


  • Andy Serkis says Magic Leap is now the future of storytelling Businessinsider
  • Oculus exploring opportunities to invest in location based VR Variety
  • Magic Leap to announce Dr. Grorborts invaders during the week RoadtoVR



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