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Last week we finally announced a partnership that took almost 4 years to build, figure out, develop, reimagine and execute in NYC. A collaboration between H&M, Magic Leap and Warpin Media – the beginning of the Co_Made future MagicLeap

Enjoy the autumn break!


  • How the parallell universe of unicorns work with high valuations for companies such as Uber and Palantir when you compare it to those like Lyft Axios
  • Tiger Global might have closed the Second biggest venture fund this year with a 3.75 Bn fund that they marketed for about 6 weeks TechCrunch
  • Google’s course to tech people about fairness in ML AIs Google
  • Eeh, who wouldn’t want to fold like 10 of these paper planes from Foldnfly? Foldnflyt
  • IBM acquires Redhat – the world leading open source platform – for USD 20 Bn a 60% mark-up to the latest share price NordicBI
  • How the FBI managed to track the man who sent bombs this past week in the US, through DNA and misspelled return addresses. WIRED


  • How Netflix struggles with tough apparently tough internal culture to win the long-term war on content WSJ
  • Moviepass being spun off as its own entity might imply its open for sale? TheVerge
  • Facebook building music service to compete with TikTok TechCrunch
  • Spotify testing a new timeline of “What’s new” for users to keep track of the most recently added songs TheVerge


  • Sounds like Swedish electric scooter company Voi are about to raise more funds from Balderton and more TechCrunch
  • Lyft about to acquire self-driving car company Blue Vision from London TechCrunch
  • How cars consider the moral dilemma of who to hit – if it comes to it… TheVerge


  • H&M, Warpin Media and Magic Leap reveal collaboration at #HMoschino launch event MagicLeap & AOL
  • Resolution games raise another USD 7.5 M to expand product portfolio TechCrunch
  • Oculus confirms they’re working on a new Rift ArsTechnica
  • Facebook confirms they are building Augmented Reality glasses TechCrunch
  • Brendan Irbe – co-founder of Oculus – is leaving facebook WSJ
  • AR is reaching and enabling the enterprise sector VentureBeat



Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 09.47.20
Fico planning on easing the credit scoring WSJ


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