Media update w.1845

What happened at Google last week and Sundar Pichai’s response to the sexual harassment disputes CNBC


  • Sophia Bendz becomes partner at Atomico DiDigital
  • Female Founders only received 2.2 % of funding in 2018 TechCrunch
  • BLCK VC seeking to expand the black investor community in start-ups TechCrunch
  • Apple about to add health tracking to AirPods AppleInsider
  • What’s going on with Amazon’s “Second Headquarter”? ReCode
  • Podcast on a/the theory behind “Why American Capitalism is broken since the 1980s.” with Steven Pearlstein author of the book with almost the same name and Pulitzer prize winner ReCode


  • Walt Disney not only posts record profit boosted by movies, parks and resorts WSJ it also named its streaming service to Disney Plus when pitching more of the company’s digital future DiDigital
  • Amazon about to get serious in the music streaming industry DigitalTrends
  • Jaunt about to sell its VR business VentureBeat


  • Tesla replaced Elon Musk as Chairman and placed Robyn Denholm to monitor him ArsTechnica
  • Kara Swisher interviewing Elon Musk for a little over an hour on what happened to his 2018 – his response: It’s incredibly difficult to build a car company ReCode/iTunes


  • Oculus reshapes organisation to fit the new AR/VR standards TechCrunch
  • Market report on AR in 2025 KMinute
  • Samsung about to take a deeper dive into mixed reality VentureBeat
  • What happened to the VR future? TheNextWeb
  • Arguments to why Palmer Lucky was fired from facebook – they claim it was because he is a Trump supporter WSJ


Yesterday marked Singles day – Alibabas response to Black Friday – November 11 (11/11 or Singles day) TechCrunch

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