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Black Friday is coming up and last weekend Alibaba hosted its tenth annual Singles day on 11/11. Some mind-blowing stats from Singles day can’t decide if this is good or bad:

  • Reached the first USD 1 Bn in sales 1 min 25 seconds and
  • USD 10 Bn in just over an hour
  • Total of USD 30.8 Bn in sales
  • They processed 1.042 Billion orders during the day
  • The first 100 Million packages were delivered in 2.6 days

CNBC | Alizila

I posted an article on how we’ve tried to reduce electricity consumption at home


  • Softbank targets USD 20 Bn IPO for its Japanese mobile unit WSJ
  • Top 10 cities for super VC rounds in 2018 TechCrunch
  • As expected, Alibaba beat their current turnover on Singles day reaching a USD 30.8 Bn in sales for the day also similar to a 27% increase since last year TheVerge
  • Northzone entering the real-estate broker business DiDigital
  • Snap’s business executive Imran Khan is building a new shopping start-up ReCode
  • Coffee stain – the game studio makers of the Goat simulator is sold for USD 35 M DiDigital
  • H&M’s ARKET tries blockchain technologies together with VeChain TheNextWeb
  • Not completely surprisingly it seems an AI now can program new Java-programs Futurism
  • When all the VC money is going for the unicorns – the real start-ups are left behind Venturebeat and more on the same topic Forbes


    • Co_Made invests in Art & Bob, yup that’s us Resume


  • Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki says the EU copyright details aren’t thought through and would be really difficult to follow TheVerge
  • YouTube encourage longer videos – to boost ad spend Wired
  • Spotify launched their Apple Watch app TheVerge
  • Infographics about who use Spotify in the US Hypebot
  • 46 M US households will use a smart TV this year eMarketer



  • How “the media” reports on Tesla Cleantech
  • Blablacar acquires Ouibus to offer bus services TechCrunch
  • Uber reported slower growth and wider loss for its Third quarter ahead of its 2019 IPO WSJ
  • Difficulties with autonomous vehicles: snow, leaves, rain, darkness and more WSJ


  • BMW, Vodafone and Ericsson urge European comission to allow for use of 5G in cars to start trials of 5G autonomous vehicles Reuters



  • Youtube VR finally came to Oculus Go TechCrunch
  • Huawei are working on AR glasses to be released within the next year or two CNBC
  • Mojo Vision challenging Microsoft and Magic Leap by aiming to build a AR-lenses (instead of glasses that is) CNET


  • Apple nearly acquired Leap Motion but the deal came short VentureBeat
  • Magic Leap offers up to USD 500,000 for developers AR apps RoadtoVR
  • Google reportedly working on some infinity shoes making you be able to walk around your VR world without moving a meter IRL Tomsguide

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Articles on Tesla

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