Media update w. 1849

Focus topic: Everybody talks about and mentions AI, I need to know what it is. Here is a great starting point – podcast by ElementAI


  • Starwood hotel chain is hacked, an estimate of 500 M people’s information may be lost WSJ | here is Starwood’s/Marriots’ response TechCrunch
  • Amazon looks to expand cashier less stores to bigger stores WSJ
  • AWS re:Invent conference gives guidance to where Amazon wants to end up – or rather not end up – with AWS TechCrunch
  • Atomico’s yearly State of European Tech just released speculating in more billion VC rounds and a more gender equal 2019 StateofEuropeanTech
  • Wired argues the biggest issues Facebook face are internal and not external any more Wired
  • Here’s the MTG startup portfolio VentureBeat
  • The subscription economy is taking over FastCompany
  • Here’s what Google’s incubator Area 120 looks and works like FastCompany
  • Alibaba’s voice recognition can now filter and isolate voices in noisy backgrounds Venturebeat
  • Database of startup pitch-decks Airtable
  • Chrome is turning 10 years old and here’s what’s new Google
  • Telia and Ericsson launched Sweden’s first 5G network Telecoms


  • Lime tries to explain what and why they hired a controversial PR firm TechCrunch
  • Trump administration seeks to end electric car tax credit WSJ
  • Chinese regulators come down on Didi Reuters
  • Madrid seeks further customer education from the electric scooter companies before they can come back DiDigital
  • Article suggesting Apple should/would/could buy Tesla in 2019 Forbes
  • NYC adds minimum wage limit for Uber/Lyft drivers CNN
  • Facebook gave extra privileges to other tech giants FastCompany
  • Lyft beats Uber to the filing of IPO – details still unclear Reuters
  • Uber wasn’t very far behind though – filing for IPO two days after Lyft Venturebeat NYMag speculates what it means having sold products on discount until now though NyMagazine


  • Apple reports 56 M subscribers compared to Spotify’s 83 M DigitalMusicNews
  • Tencent continues their plan towards a USD 1.2 Bn IPO Reuters
  • ACAST confirms they’ve raised a Series C/pre-IPO of USD 35 M TechCrunch
  • Hulu confirms 23 M subscribers TechCrunch
  • Apple seems to be building a competitor to Swedish Soundtrack Your Brand Appleinsider
  • Apple acquired music creation platform Platoon to enable musicians to post songs directly to Apple Music TechCrunch


  • Bose shows they’ve worked on some AR capabilities for wearable glasses VentureBeat
  • Magic Leap reassigns CMO Brenda Freemand and CBO Rachna Bassin TechCrunch
  • Magic Leap launches first paid app on the platform with Seedlings RoadtoVR
  • AR spending rise 69% in 2019 Gameindustry


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