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Happy New Year, markets started off shaky with high volatility during the holidays and a revised guidance from Apple due to a worse than expected outlook on iPhone sales Businesswire

US Congress opened with a Democratic majority and the first ever elected female US-Palestinian female muslim CNN and why the latter is such a big thing according to TheGuardian



  • Tech Predictions of 2019 from the Evening Standard, I could agree with them Standard
  • Wireds best quotes of the year Wired
  • What internet does to us and the most “dangerous” people there according to Wired
  • Here’s what’s still at stake with the US government shut down regarding the boarder wall WSJ
  • Here is Tim Cook’s letter to the Apple shareholders that made the market value drop 9% in a day – mostly because a worsened outlook for iPhone sales BusinessWire
  • Stora Enso joins IKEA and H&M as investors in Treetotextile endeavour DiDigital




  • Is Netflix the dominant force going forward in Streaming? FT
  • Roku will be adding streaming capabilities to its apps and with that it is no longer only available on TVs and settop boxes Wired
  • Netflix about to stop users from paying through the AppStore and thereby reducing the Apple revenue of USD 256 M per year. BusinessInsider
  • Google’s widevine L3 (streaming protocol used by Netflix and Hulu) has been breached – meaning if you know what you’re doing you could playback 1080p streams in ffmpeg (and record and redistribute) AndroidPolice




  • Chairman of the Dutch battery producer Lithium Werks says we (Europeans) are becoming increasingly dependent on Chinese batteries SvD
  • 2018 – the year of the electric scooter wars TechCrunch




  • Magic Leap One release dates for consumer versions TechRadar
  • Vuzix release AR glasses well below the Magic Leaps for USD 1000 each TheVerge
  • What working in an AR office is like Inc
  • The Verge’s recap of 2018 had point on the year of VR and AR TheVerge




  • Sweden and South Korea ranked as the most innovative countries by World Economic Forum WEforum
  • Incredible and disturbing pictures captured in the conflict currently ongoing in Yemen since four years between the Houthis and the pro-government coalition supported by Saudi Arabia and the UAE WashingtonPost

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