Media update w.1902

Peak into the future of hovercrafts, electric scooters, foldable screens, delivery bots, solar cells, AR headsets and much much more displayed at CES WSJ

Have yet to watch The Greatest Showman but this clip of lead actor singing lead anthem (Golden Globe rewarded) to get the movie green lit gives me goosebumps over and over again. This is me – Keala Settle


  • Tink valued to more than USD 220 M as main shareholder Creades writes up the value of their holding DiDigital
  • WEF on why your attitude is more important than your intelligence WEF
  • Tencent invests USD 50 M in Swedish gaming company Fatshark DiDigital
  • One-on-One with Tim Cook on 2019 for Apple CNBC
  • Verizon ready to invest in applications and products that require 5G to speed up the process DI
  • TechCrunch guide on how to asses the opportunity in a preseed startup TechCrunch
  • Banking startup N26 raise the largest fintech round in Europe, ever, with USD 300 M on a USD 2.7 Bn valuation TechCrunch
  • Google’s announcements for Google Assistant to beat Amazon Echo – lots of new devices and integrations TheVerge
  • WeChat added “Stories” like Snap stories – now all major messaging services have followed Snap’s initial idea TechCrunch
  • The State of NYC Tech in 2018 TechNYC


  • Golden Globe results with surprise winners Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book WSJ
  • Netflix facing lawsuit over Black Mirror DigitalSpy
  • Hulu reached 25M subscribers in 2018 and the average viewer is 32 – 25 years younger than the average cable viewer Hulu
  • Roku reached 27 M active accounts in 2018 and viewing time was up 68% YoY Roku
  • Speculations on whether or not Apple might have to revise the “Apple tax” in 2019 after Netflix permanently closed iTunes billing for its service VentureBeat
  • Netflix looking to acquire more local content over time from Europe and Asia Broadbandtvnews
  • Bird Box title by Netflix was viewed by 45 M viewers during its first week according to the company Variety


  • Uber’s IPO may not be as big as expected as sources states the company will be looking for USD 10 Bn at a USD 76 Bn valuation compared to its latest USD 120 Bn valuation in the private markets TechCrunch
  • Autonomous trucking company TuSimple are making 3-5 commercial drives per day TechCrunch
  • Who really dominates the ride-sharing industry ahead of the largest players heading to the public markets SecondMeasure
  • One more article on the future of transportation from CES Engadget


  • Marc Andreessen on what 2019 means for AR and VR and his prediction that VR is going to beat AR TechCrunch
  • DigiLens shows off new version of lightweight AR glasses VentureBeat
  • Tobii and HTC bring new eye tracking to VR headsets in 2019 Tobii
  • N’Real showcase easy to where and “surprisingly” good image quality AR-glasses TheVerge
  • RealMax, a wireless AR headset with 100 degree FoV VentureBeat
  • AR glasses pioneer Osterhout close its business after failing to sell technologies to Microsoft and Magic Leap TechCrunch


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