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During the week I’ll finish my paper on what AI is and how it works – for people like myself who are curious about it but haven’t really dug into it. If you have any thoughts or pieces for inspiration – please share.

On the topic of AI – Facebook and the Technical university of Munich announced an independent institution for ethics in artifical intelligence Facebook and these charts (below) show how the Chinese BAT companies invest heavily in AI Harvard Business Review and more from how the “Most powerful man in Silicon Valley” – Softbank Chairman – sees the world develop with AIs FastCompany 


  • Facebook Paid young teenagers to install a VPN app to all their activity on their phones – without saying they were facebook TechCrunch and to follow-up on the topic here’s some more information TheVerge
  • South African e-commerce group Naspers take full control (99.6%) of Avito in USD 1.16 Bn all-cash deal TechCrunch
  • What VCs in the South-East Asian region feel about 2019 TechCrunch
  • Apple iPhone sales in 2018 is down by 2.5 M from 36.7 M in China alone MacRumours
  • How Satya Nadella turned around the culture of the 130,000 people strong crew of Microsoft Quartz
  • The US officially filed charges against Huawei CFO headlining Financial Fraud DOJ


  • Super bowl weekend means advertising mega spends – here’s how to nail it WSJ
  • The winners and nominees of Guldbaggen 2019 Guldbaggen
  • Apple Music now accounts 50 M subscribers Appleinsider
  • How much consumers are willing to pay for different types of subscriptions: roughly USD 13 per month for exclusive original content it seems Hollywoodreporter
  • Lexus made their latest commercial with Watson’s AI and here’s the result Youtube
  • Even the Nordics purchase more movies online DagensMedia
  • MagineTV closing their TV streaming service after years and Millions of dollars worth of trials BroadBandTV
  • Spotify reportedly in talks to acquire podcast company Gimlet Media for more than USD 200 M Recode
  • Amazon rumoured to be scaling back on its Prime video investments as Apple seems to be launching their SVOD service this year TheInformation
  • Mattel – owner of Barbie and Hot Wheels – are doing a Disney and selling their IPs to Warner Bros to premiere new live-action movies Variety


  • Sales of Teslas could be temporarily stopped in Sweden as the update of autopilots can not be tested by authorities in advance of new push from supplier SvD


  • Apple files patent for finger controllers FastCompany
  • Number of monthly connected VR headsets seem to be on an exponential trend RoadtoVR | RoadtoVR

Finance and Politics

  • The foundation Erling Persson’s stiftelse donates SEK 150 M to a new innovation house managed by the Stockholm School of Economics DI
  • FAANGs cash-reserves are actively managed and larger than most hedge funds joint NAVs DI
  • H&M hires Cambridge analytica whistleblower to its staff of AI advisors Bloomberg

This week’s podcast

  • “What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas” – DiDigital’s special edition podcast with Andreas Cervenka after CES Spotify


    • Tonight is the Super Bowl LIII (53) between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams – if you like statistics check out the Wikipedia link that will be updated live. Here are some other stats: for instance about the projected USD 3.3 M in revenue generated from AirBnBs in Atlanta during Super Bowl weekend NationalGeographics



Coming week

  • Superbowl LIII
  • Continued reporting week
    • Alphabet (Feb 4th) and Axfood (Feb 4th) both reports and have ties to this media update

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