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  • Bezos and the National Enquirer (AMI) goes head to head. Bezos saying – if I can’t stand up to blackmail as the richest man on the planet, who can? Medium |   TheDailyBeast | BBC summary
  • During the week the Instagram account “aningslösa influencers” have come under debate as it reveals the CO2-emissions from several of Sweden’s most followed influencers SVT




  • More to the Facebook and Google app scandal (Where Apple banned Google and Facebook apps last week) TechCrunch
  • At a conference during the week I was assured that climate will be saved because the younger generations will keep pressure on those currently in charge at management positions. That cyber security threats won’t be an issue – because the generation (in “developed” countries) brought up with internet access from the day they were born – will respect it and do the right thing. Then this scares me? TechCrunch


  • MIT Technology Review reasons and suggests what AI bias really is and how we can work around it Technologyreview
  • Slack files for IPO in the form of Direct listing (like Spotify) look for a market valuation well above USD 10 Bn VentureBeat
  • Raisin – a European marketplace for financial and savings investment products have raised USD 114 M in a Series D TechCrunch
  • Framework Venture Partners launch USD 115 M AI startup fund Venturebeat
  • Meditation and wellness have its first unicorn valuation in Calm when raising USD 88 M series B (!!!) at a USD 1 Bn valuation – everyone should just copy and paste their model it seems TechCrunch
  • What regulations can mean for a business – Google search results for snippets dropped 45% after the EU enforced snippet less search 9to5Google
  • Swedish finance app Tink announced they raised EUR 56 M at a USD 270 M valuation DiDigital


  • What the potential Spotify acquisition of Gimlet means for podcasting – all of a sudden the free speech medium of podcasting might end up behind a paid wall. I can’t say if its better or worse only that it’s something I’ve gotten used to being free. I must say I have missed being able to cast my podcasts from my iPhone. Forbes| WSJ
  • How to think about Netflix’s viewer numbers – and maybe how to question them Vox
  • Barry McCarthy on Spotify’s first profitable quarter – ever – and why they’re now buying libraries of IPs DiDigital
  • Textual is trying to create an AI that writes stories by itself DiDigital


  • Tesla acquired battery manufacturer Maxwell in California for USD 200 M Electrek
  • Amazon, T Rowe and Sequoia invest USD 620 M in self-driving level 4 start-up Aurora TechCrunch


  • VR sales continue to rise in 2018 VentureBeat
  • ILMx lab’s Project Porg soon to launch on Magic Leap RoadtoVR
  • Is this one of the features to make AR come alive for real? – Google showcasing Google Maps AR enhanced WSJ

Finance and Politics

  • Reactions to Mr. Trump’s State of the Union #SotU speech on Tuesday Twitter | CNN | Fox | NYT

This week’s podcast

  • A podcast about how pharma companies price certain drugs/medicine such that it is basically unaffordable for the average person. A dilemma on where private and governmental aid should/would/could intersect and it paints a price on life.
    The Guardian – Who decides the price of life The Guardian


This week’s binge

  • Got back into S.W.A.T. – not the best series but one filled with action Playpilot

This week

  • Happening tonight 2am CEST – the Grammys Twitter


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