Media update w. 1907


  • Qasa is acquired by Blocket DiDigital
  • Supercell doing pretty good with a net profit of USD 630 M for 2018 DiDigital
  • IBMs AI now went a verbal debate round agains one of the world’s best debators on preschool subsidies Venturebeat
  • Google launching Docs API to enable businesses who seek easier access to their docs integrations Venturebeat
  • Y combinators latest batch involves 200 companies – a lot more than recent batches. A sign that start-up careers are growing or that Y combinator have gone easy? TechCrunch
  • Kinnevik acquires more control and invests further in Mathem DiDigital
  • A Musk backed AI company manages to write stories and messages so well it is scary – based on a single line of text CNET
  • Technology life in the fast lane to become a Millionaire killed Michael Kroll founder of Vine and HQ Trivia at the age of 34 WSJ


  • Apple is about to launch their anticipated news service and seek 50% of the revenue of a USD 10/month subscription 9to5Mac
  • Maybe not shockingly – Netflix save your choices on Bandersnatch TheVerge
  • Spotify paid roughly EUR 300 M for the two acquisitions of podcast companies earlier this year DiDigital
  • FAANGs Double down on their Video content spend TheVab
  • Apple meeting resistance of their effort to keep 50% of revenues from its news service WSJ


  • Stockholm seek to meet ride-sharing electric scooter and moped companies half-way by allowing them to be parked on certain hot-spots instead of *#%&/ (if you are a middle aged citizen this is probably how you would’ve read the sentence) everywhere DiDigital
  • Airbus decides to stop production of its model A380 after Quantas cancelled its orders of the super-jumbo jet WSJ
  • Interesting piece by the Economist on how young people (Millenials) are more for a new age of Socialism than Capitalism Economist
  • Founders of Lyft – like Spotify and other – seek super voting stock ahead of IPO to remain in control WSJ
  • Doordash looking to raise USD 500 M at a USD 6-7 Bn valuation with Temasek in lead TechCrunch


  • Wired expect AR to become the next big computing platform – one they wish to call Mirrorworld Wired
  • Microsoft release teaser of the coming Hololens 2 release expected at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona TheVerge

Finance and Politics

  • Swedish immigration minister suggest improvements after more developers are denied continued Swedish visas DiDigital
  • Students seek careers in and found more startups than ever before – here’s a stab at why that is TechCrunch
  • Facebook is now subject of antitrust hearing at the British parliament TechCrunch

This week’s podcast

  • How to recruit CEOs of basically any company James Citrin from Spencer Stuart Recode


This week’s binge

  • Last week the ambitious Norwegian project Amundsen premiered in Norway, here’s another well produced Norwegian one I watched a second time, Max Manus Playpilot


  • Seems it is still difficult to invest with a broad diversity it appears TechCrunch
  • AI predictions in numbers from Gartner 


Coming week

  • The Oscars is on Sunday – here are the nominees Oscars
  • Mobile World Congress in Barcelona TechCrunch


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