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In an impressive move the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker accompanied with Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg announced that he outlined a suggestion that every fourth Euro spent in the next financial period (2021-2027) will go towards mitigating climate change. That amounts to EUR 1 trillion! Reuters


  • App based veterinarian companies seem to be the next app based healthcare companies loved by VCs DiDigital
  • Saudi app Abshare – built to see your spouse’s (most often the wife) travel plans and movements is now probed by both Apple and Google Buisnessinsider
  • Pretty nice site touching and indexing basically all start-ups out there (?) Seedtable
  • Former EA CEO Patrik Söderlund and his SEK 1 Bn gaming company takes over the old Bank of Sweden house in Old Town Stockholm recruiting more than 50 people they say DiDigital
  • Samsung presented the first foldable smartphone along with Instagram mode built-in within the Camera app to name a few things from their Fold event: Here are the rest of the news TechCrunch
  • Pintrest files for IPO seeking USD 12 Bn valuation CNBC
  • The equivalent of libraries = smart assistants. A long read from Wired
  • Why some tech companies “low-ball” their valuations ahead of IPO for their employee’s benefit WSJ
  • Facebook receiving more data from apps that you haven’t even logged in to – all of this makes me feel more that facebook has become too big to fail WSJ
  • Ericsson outline what technologies they focus more on as these are the ones they bet will/can become the “future technologies” Ericsson


  • Black Panther is the first super hero movie nominated for Best Picture at the Academy TheVerge
  • Participant Media (founded by eBay biollionaire Jeff Skoll) could be one of the front-runners at tonight’s Oscars NYTimes
  • What the most available and largest number of productions of shows ever mean to the audience at the Oscars WSJ
  • Google white paper on how they are trying to filter out disinformation from its platforms Google
  • You can find tonights Oscar winners here tomorrow Oscar


  • Lyft planning their IPO on NASDAQ end of March, valuation spread to be announced in the coming days WSJ
  • Airbus challenging Uber for airborne ride-sharing services. “Should not be a toy for the rich” DiDigital
  • Lyft announce its cheapest service to date – it does mean you might have to walk a bit – but that’s what makes it so efficient TheVerge
  • Polestar (Volvo) to reveal its Tesla M3 competitor on February 27th Pocket-lint


  • Why Weta workshop spent 7 years building a game for Magic Leap VentureBeat
  • Microsoft releasing AR apps for iOS and Android to push for their enterprise position of where AR is heading ahead of Mobile World Congress VentureBeat| TechRadar
  • Magic Leap’s vision of the Magicverse stacked up in a 5 year horizon VentureBeat
  • Group of employees at Microsoft delivered name-lists to have the company cancel their collaboration with the US armed forces TechCrunch
  • Apple reportedly taking AR further and prioritising the technology over other VentureBeat
  • If AR is becoming the next computing platform, AR cloud needs to work and here is how it could play out Forbes

Finance and Politics

  • Street artist installation on the Mexican side of the US/Mexican border MyModernMet
  • IPO traffic moving from London to the Nordics and Stockholm says NASDAQ Nordic CEO Bloomberg



  • Hollywood is now irrelevant says IAC chairman Recode



  • Swedish public service made a show about what it would feel like if the electricity all of a sudden went missing SVTPlay


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