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  • Here’s why you should think twice before thinking about sharing photos of your children on social media WSJ



  • Elizabeth Warren who is running for president in the U.S. says Facebook just proved her point as they banned her campaign ads in which she promoted her idea and campaign language #BreakUpBigTech – what would it mean and what are the implications of banning say Amazon from being a platform and a wholesaler of its own products? TheGuardian


  • Chinese database reveals intimate data and tracking of population in segmentations such as “breed ready” status of more than 1.8 M Chinese citizens tracked by their own authorities TheGuardian
  • Google duplex rolls out in more than 43 states – duplex is the AI that can make phone calls on your behalf for reservations etc. Venturebeat
  • Microsoft launching business school focused on AI and AI ethics Microsoft
  • Google agreed to pay USD 135 M in settlement fees to their former Head of Search and Head of Android after having left the company because of accusations of sexual harassments – the settlement was done quietly and the court documents were unsealed this week WSJ
  • Facebook announced Chris Cox Head of Product and Chris Daniels VP of WhatsAPP are leaving the company in part of the reshuffle to make its products more private TechCrunch
  • Karl-Johan Persson and his investments with long-term colleague and business partner Björn MagnussoDiDigital


  • Gothenburg based autonomous driving lorry company is allowed to have its vehicle test-drive autonomously on – a very limited piece of – public roads DiDigital
  • Lyft’s Second Head of inclusion and diversity – formerly at facebook – seeks a holistic approach TechCrunch
  • Tesla released its mini-SUV Model Y and Elon Musk thereby completed his S3XY series (Model S, 3, X and now Y) TechCrunch
  • After the tragic crash of ET307 outside of Addis Ababa all flights with Boeing 737 Max are now grounded worldwide ArsTechnica and Boeing are to issue a “software patch update” by April that will fix whatever the issue might have been. Seems to be similarities according to Ethiopian authorities NyTimes between the ET307 and the JT610 events. Here’s a visualisation of the JT610 events by NYTimes.  Here’ s how the black boxes are recovered Wired


  • Apple expected to unveil a new streaming service on March 25th Reuters
  • Criticism towards Swedish public service television SVT on how they handle relationships with freelance workers submerged in a podcast last week GP
  • Spotify filed EU antitrust complaint ove Apple’s use/abuse(?) of the AppStore WSJ | Engadget
  • Rakuten Media TV to enter Sweden DagensMedia
  • After Spotify acquired Gimlet Media the staff at Gimlet are now unionising TheVerge
  • Breakable Films launches backed by Co_Made Breakit DiDigital


  • Microsoft believes AR glasses won’t reach consumer adoption within the next couple of years Venturebeat
  • One of the sessions at SXSW talking to how VR/AR can substantially change the way we live our lives Pitchbook
  • Facebook can build avatars looking and moving more or less exactly like you with their latest 3D scanning hard- and software Wired

Finance & Politics

  • Jan Ståhlberg – co-founder of EQT “back in the days” – shifts and starts impact investing fund within Nordea Pitchbook
  • Muller report to be public documents after Senate vote WSJ
  • Mass shooting in Christchurch Mosques leaves at least 40 dead so far TheGuardian


  • The Good Fight – series about female lawyer with many Trump administration references Playpilot


  • Greta Thunberg interviewed by the Guardian on how her school strike went global iTunes

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