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I made this spreadsheet as a basic scorecard for when looking at a new home after inspiration from my friend Michael and I thought I’d share it. Google Drive


  • Founders fund joins Petter Stordalen and invests in Tibber raising USD 12 M DiDigital
  • Kapersky labs – Russian cybersecurity firm – follows Spotify and files claims – in Russia – on Apple’s alleged monopoly Gizmodo
  • National Bureau of Economics says Unicorns are 50% over valued on average and that the venture capital bubble is about to burst Barrons
  • Element AI launches enterprise decision-making automation tools from OCR to more advanced capabilities Venturebeat
  • Swedish intelligence agencies say a sale of Telia – the previously governmentally controlled telco – could pose significant security risks for Sweden SVD
  • Pintrest files for IPO Venturebeat
  • How much does it cost to acquire a user from facebook? Techcrunch took a deep dive.
  • Here’s the keynote from Google announcing their online gaming platform Stadia at GDC Youtube
  • Instagram debutes Pintrest like shopping features as Pintrest is heading for the public markets Fortune


  • Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara is no longer its CEO or employee after sexual harrasment accusations emerge Variety
  • Netflix decides they won’t join Apple’s streaming service to be announced the coming weeks CNBC
  • Goodbye Kansas shows of some great VFX at GDC together with Epic Games TheVerge
  • Maria Abramovich shows what immortality could look like on Magic Leap FT


  • Alphabet looking for external investors to Waymo TheInformation
  • Lyft IPO looking for IPO valuation at USD 23 Bn. I’m thrilled about this one as sometime ago now I managed to be part of this company. So I’m bias here. Remember 8 years ago when all you could do to move around was to call a taxi? Things have changed and Lyft really was first out the gate when Logan and John founded Zimride that then became Lyft. Uber of course is more renowned given their geographical expansion and more aggressive market approach – but looking at the numbers this industry still has a lot to offer and prove going forward. One thing is certain – owning a car, getting a license and sharing rides are all parameters that have been truly disrupted by companies like Lyft. TechCrunch| S-1 The IPO was btw apparently oversubscribed on day 2 of the road show Reuters
  • Autonomous delivery startup Nuro backed by Softbank – for USD 940 M – plans how to execute on their funds to reach autonomous driving TechCrunch
  • Oslo to become the world’s first city with wireless charging stations to make its taxi fleet zero emission by 2023 Reuters


  • AR startup Mojo vision gets USD 58 M in investments from Google’s Gradient Ventures among others VentureBeat
  • Magic Leap release first multiplayer MR game at GDC as Dr. Grobort is announced and demoed will become a multiplayer experience MagicLeap
  • As in the Media section – Maria Abramovich shows what immortality could look like on Magic Leap FT wasn’t convinced about the new Oculus
  • IKEA to release a new AR app in 2020 according to Head of Digital at IKEA CNBC


  • China emerges as the most active publisher of research papers on AI Medium


  • Formula 1: Drive to survive on Netflix


Finance & Politics

  • New Zeeland moves quickly and bans all military grade assault rifles WSJ
  • AG William Barr announced President Trump had no conspire with Russia according to the Mueller report Guardian | Guardian

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