Media update w.1913

  • The EU passed article 11, 12 and 13 – on copyright issues CNN
    • Article 13 – basically if a website hosts vast amounts of User Generated Content (think Youtube) they are responsible to take it down if it infringes copyright.
    • Article 11 – news aggregator sites (like this news letter) would need to pay the news publisher if a link is shared more than a couple of times
    • Regarding both articles (and article 12 – sharing sports videos) it is unclear where the actual line will be drawn. It is set to be put in effect in about 2 years Wired


  • 1% of the invested capital on the venture scene in Sweden is invested in teams with only female founders – that’s less than the number of female lead teams. DiDigital


  • Spotify acquires podcast studio Parcast known for their mystery and scary podcasts TheNextWeb
  • Apple announced Apple TV+ and Apple News+ TechCrunch and that made facebook TV look pretty small in comparison TechCrunch. Also the apple News + puts publishers in a tighter squeeze as they’ve just learned how to navigate pay-walls. On the flip side they of course reach a significantly wider group of audience TechCrunch. This whole thing basically means Apple is going for services more so than hardware in the short-term it seems. Apple
  • Google leaks new Nest hub Androidauthority and Apple gives up on the AirMat or whatever it should’ve been called because they can’t meet it’s high standards in hardware TechCrunch
  • This is just a phenomenal report on how investments looks across the globe currently. 2018 was the year with the most original series yet, highest investments from SVOD platforms yet and the market leader on basically all parameters is Netflix. Maybe not for too long… ParrotAnalytics


  • How to find your way to a gate in a Chinese airport LinkedIN
  • T3 – a joint venture between Alibaba, Tencent and other big tech companies in China forms to compete against Didi and other ride-sharing ventures in China TechCrunch
  • So Lyft went public and raised USD 2 Bn and was noted at a USD 24 Bn valuation TechCrunch


  • Alibaba acquires Israeli start-up Infinity Augmented Reality TechCrunch
  • Magic Leap and AT&T announce collaboration on Game of Thrones experience that will be available to see in select AT&T stores across the US starting this weekend TheVerge
  • Scape AR enables a completely new way of determining where a user is by using existing photographies on your phone. Adding AR objects and then with an never before seen accuracy add AR objects in the real world VentureBeat


  • Ahead of IPO AirBnB grow its market share with HomeAway SecondMeasure


Finance and Politics

  • The Mueller report was released but no-one got to read it. Trump seems to be in the clear from Russian collusion TheGuardian
  • Brexit will or won’t happen sooner or later. The UK Parliament kept voting no to all proposals last week TheGuardian

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