Media update w.1914


  • MiLDreD platform raise USD 800 M to build the best AI semi-conductor Nextplatform
  • ElementAI published a Global AI heat map of where the AI talent is Elementai
  • Record quarter with EUR 7 Bn invested in the European start-up space Sifted
  • Swedish “intelligence search engine” Stravito raise EUR 5.6 M
  • Big move from Amazon – rumours they are planning to release wearable headphones similar to the Apple Airpods powered by Alexa Bloomberg
  • MacKenzie Bezos got to reveal the divorce settlement between her and Jeff in which she keeps 25% of the Amazon shares over which Jeff will hold the voting rights Vox
  • AirBnB confirmed an investment in India’s largest hotel network OYO TechCrunch
  • On the same theme, CoLive launch their platform for shared living similar to that of WeWorks for office space DiDigital


  • Snap makes steps to broaden their business model by serving other apps with Stories functions and adding more original content going forward. DAUs steady in Q1 at 184 M TechCrunch| Recode
  • Google partnered with McClatchy to launch digital-only local news operations Axios
  • Here’s a chart of who owns what in the bigger pictures western world media space ReCode
  • Apple now has more subscribers to Apple Music in the US than Spotify has premium subscribers in the US. Therefor Apple think they can sell that group a lot more than just music Recode
  • BBC and Discovery set to launch SVOD platform in 2020 NyPost


  • Swedish electrical cars market grows stronger than ever and Tesla M3 was the fifth most delivered car in March NyTeknik
  • Here they are – the European scooter start-ups Sifted
  • French authorities passed new regulations that will give you a fine of EUR 135 if you’re riding electric scooters on the side-walks and up to EUR 350 for parking them in a way such that you’re blocking the sidewalks BuisnessInsider
  • What Lyft’s IPO meant for Uber and the autonomous driving sector TechCrunch


  • The Verge got a glips of what the US Army’s Hololens might look like TheVerge


  • First Swedish Netflix original (Quicksand) based on the book by the same name premiered this weekend and it was quite alright Playpilot


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