Media update w.1915

  • Tiger Woods completed a comeback of a decade from personal and professional setbacks winning his 15th Masters and first since 2008 NYTimes


  • The EU lays out plan to implement AI ethical guidelines:
    • It should always be cost efficient and reliable.
    • Should always support human rights and never limit the human independence
    • You can find the full report in your language here: ECEurope
  • Klarna raise another USD 100 M at a USD 3 Bn valuation DiDigital
  • Luminar ventures expands the partner group with Dice veteran Linda Höglund and they close another USD 65 M in a second closing for their first fund DiDigital


  • Roku update to OS 9.1 makes the platform less content neutral says first reports TechCrunch
  • Disney looking to reshape itself going head-to-head with Netflix by putting LucasFilms. Disney, Marvel and all their brands together in one service WSJ | Bloomberg | Here’s the streaming service’s presentation deck TheWaltDisneyCompany
  • Netflix removes Apple AirPlay support TechSpot and will most likely have passed 150 M subscribers world-wide later this week as they report TheGuardian
  • Songwriters like Award winner Ludwig Göransson says Spotify used them in open letter SVT


  • Grab raising USD 2 Bn to expand across Southeast Asia TechCrunch
  • Where the challenges for ride-sharing companies profits lays TechCrunch
  • All car-sharing services fail in Stockholm because of regulations according to the services themselves DiDigital
  • Uber published their massive S-1 showing growth is leveling off WSJ | TechCrunch | S-1
  • Tesla to launch its car-sharing service Tesla Network end of 2019 BusinessInsider


  • AT&T starts selling Magic Leap One across the US MagicLeap
  • Acer’s new OJO VR headset comes with significantly better resolution and open-ear audio RoadtoVR


  • 57% of Americans said social media does more divide than unite and 82% say it’s a waste of time NBCNews


Finance & Politics

  • An interesting piece on Julian Assange’s arrest from the Ecuadorian embassy in London last week. This opinion piece highlights the difference between women’s rights to political games TheGuardian

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